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Odisha Circle Union Suggestions on SB Order 1/2022

Odisha Circle Union Suggestions On SB Order 1/2022

Odisha Circle Union suggests NFPE on lapses in SB Order No. 01/2022 with request to appraise Directorate – Letter dated 14th January 2022

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C, Odisha Circle Branch
Sahidnagar Mukhya Dak Ghar, Bhubaneswar – 751 007
eMail :, website :

Com. Pradeep Ch. Rout
Mob: 9853299542

Com. Lingaraj Sahoo
Mob: 9437278723

Com. Bruhaspati Samal
Mob: 943722669, 8917331506

No. P3NFPEOdisha/01-01/2022
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 14th January, 2022


Com. Janardan Majumdar
Secretary General (Officiating), NFPE
North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110 001

Sub:-Suggestions on S B Order No. 01/2022 – Steps to be taken for smooth functioning of POSB Operations and prevention of frauds in post offices.

Ref. : Directorate F No. FS-09/1/2021-FS-DOP, dated 13.01.2022

Dear Comrade,

While analyzing the instructions contained in SB Order No 01/2022 issued vide Directorate letter under reference, we observe that the entire responsibility has been fixed to be shouldered by a Counter Assistant / Supervisor at Post Office level without adequate facilities.

In addition, we also observe that the poor, illiterate mass of India for whom the benefits of Post Office Small Savings Schemes are intended in real sense are going to be deprived of the benefits on the plea of mandatory condition of Mobile Number and PAN.

Thus, in our opinion, the very objectives of the above SB Order are likely to be achieved non-optimally due to several shortcomings analysed below. Some probable solutions are suggested against each shortcoming we observe which may be taken care of by writing to the Directorate.

1.Use of CICD command by CPA prior to effecting of payment at Counter exceeding Rs. 20000.00 or above.By forcing a PA to memorize the instruction to check Mobile number each time he attempts to allow withdrawal will definitely be troublesome and may not be possible always from practical point of view. Facility in CBS Finacle to view the Mobile Number/PAN should be made available in CTM command itself. It would help in viewing Mobile Number / PAN at the time of effecting payment and genuineness of the same can also be verified from the Customer immediately, if required. Use of two separate commands will be difficult to manage by a PA especially at rush hours.
2.Validity of Mobile Number already available in CBS FinacleDue to reasons wholly attributable to the Depositor, there may be chances that the Mobile Number becomes inactive or invalid in due course or wrong mobile number is entered at the time of opening of CIF or modification of CIF. It will definitely create failed SMS Alerts and PO officials will be at the receiving end to explain it without no fault at their end. Action as proposed at Para-1 above will help in avoiding such issues.
3.Introduction of OTP facility at the time of WithdrawalPrimary objective of linking Mobile Number with corresponding Accounts is to provide real time alert on transactions made in the Account. Facility of OTP to the linked number provides an added layer of security to the Depositor. Thus, mere linking of Mobile Number with POSB Accounts without that extra security option shall negate the intended positive efforts. Introduction of OTP facility in the seeded Mobile Number will help in a long way in preventing frauds. In case of withdrawal through Messenger, suitable modification needs to be incorporated so that Mobile Number of the Messenger is entered in CTM and double OTP is generated to both the Depositor and Messenger. Upon confirmation of OTPs from the Depositor and Messenger, payment be allowed.
4.Mandatory use of PAN in POSB AccountsList of SOL-Wise Active Accounts without PAN may be generated at SOL itself. Automatic SMS may be triggered by CBS Finacle to concerned Account holders where valid Mobile Number is already available to submit PAN at the Post Office where Account stands. The Order is silent as to what procedure is to be followed when no PAN is made available after six months from the opening of the Account or submission of Form 60 / 61.
5.Mandatory use of Mobile Number in all POSB AccountsAutomatic SMS may be triggered to concerned Account to submit Mobile at the Post Office.
6.Non-availability of facilities for online verification of PAN & Mobile Number in CBS FinacleIntroduction of this facility will be the best tool to prevent fraud as entry of fictitious PAN & Mobile Numbers may cause massive frauds elsewhere.
7.Facility of generation of reports as per para-C of the orderGeneration and sharing of reports on a weekly basis will fail to achieve the proper objective of prevention of fraud because it would be late for more than seven days till the matter reaches DO. It is suggested that such cases are triggered on the next working day in FRMU or Divisional Head’s Finacle ID so that suitable action can be initiated in respect of Post Offices under a Division
8.Lack of clarity on the aspects when withdrawal is sought at other than home SOLThis order is silent on this aspect. Allowing updation of PAN / Mobile Number merely on the basis of noting the same on Withdrawal / Closure Form is fraught with risks. Connivance of the disgruntled Staff and fraudulent depositors may cause irrevocable damage to the investments and image of the Department.
9.Updation of PAN / Mobile in CIFsNo clarity is there if such updation can be made at SOLs other than the home SOL. In some cases, the Depositors may find it difficult to attend the home SOL due to various reasons. Even though PAN is permanent, there may be scope for change of Mobile Numbers.
10.Submission of closed Passbooks in TDA Accounts by the POsThere should be no classification on the basis of type of Post Offices for submitting closed Passbooks for TDA Accounts along with LoT. It must be made mandatory for all offices irrespective of type of the Offices with suitable provision to make such entries in the detailed list of transactions for actual verification at SBCO level

As such, on behalf of Odisha Circle, we would like to request you to appraise the Directorate suitable to take a note of the lapses and suggestions for protecting the interest of the Depositors on one hand and the overall image of Department on the other.

With regards.

Yours Comradely,
Circle Secretary

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