Seniority List in Grade of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in DOP (Position as on 01.09.2020)


Seniority List in the Grade of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in the Department of Posts (DOP) (Position as on 01.09.2020) – Order Dated 19.11.2021

No. 4-1/2014-CWP/ 210
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(CWP Section)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001
Date: 19-11-2021.

Office Memorandum

Sub: Seniority List in the Grade of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in the Department of Posts – Position as on 01.09.2020).

The Draft seniority list in the Grade of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) as on 01.09.2020 was circulated vide letter no. 4-3/2014-CWP/778 dated 28-09-2020. The omissions/discrepancies/objections/ were invited within a period of 30 days of issue of the draft seniority List.

A large number of representations were received from the officers and after careful examination of these representations by the Department on their merits, the competent authority is pleased to approve the Seniority List as enclosed, in the Grade of Assistant Engineer(Electrical), with their positions as on 01.09.2020.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

Encl.: As above.

Superintending Engineer (HQ)

Copy to:

1. The Sr. PPS to the Secretary (Posts).
2. The Sr. PPS to the DG (Posts).
3. The PPS to the Additional D.G.(Coord.), Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 001.
4. The DDG(Estt), DOT. Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi.
5. The Chief Engineer-ll, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001 with request to circulate the Seniority List to all concerned through their controlling officer
6. The Superintending Engineer (Electrical), Postal Electrical Circle, New Delhi with request to circulate the Seniority List to all concerned through their controlling officer.
7. The G.M., C.E.P.T., Mysuru with request to upload the Seniority list on the India Post website.

Assistant Engineer (P)

No. 4-1/2014-CWP/ 210
Dated: 29.11.2021


S. No.Name of Officer (Shri/Smt.)Date of BirthCategoryDate of Regular appointment as AE (Electrical)
1Paramjit Singh24.09.60OC25.01.2002
2Rajinder Guglani07.04.74OC26.06.2009
3A. Ashok Kumar10.05.74OC26.06.2009
4Abdul Sadiq Munir18.06.73OC26.06.2009
5Vinod Kumar25.08.75OC26.06.2009
6Rajeev Gupta02.09.73OC26.06.2009
7Subrato Biswas03.08.68SC26.06.2009
8Nalini Kanta Naik20.04.71OBC26.06.2009
9Man Mohan Prasad Jaiswal20.06.68OBC26.06.2009
10Rakesh Kumar Kashyap01.06.71OBC26.06.2009
11B.Sanjana Vijay Kumar25.03.70SC26.06.2009
12R. N. Prajapati15.12.66OBC26.06.2009
13Pankaj Kumar05.08.71OBC26.06.2009
14Giri Shankar Khatalary05.07.70ST26.06.2009
16Hari Singh12.06.61SC26.06.2009
17Umakanta Nayak01.01.77OC02.06.2020
18Saniay Pratap Singh29.05.74OC02.06.2020
19R.K. Mishra20.07.73OC02.06.2020
20Kamal Kumar Mishla15.07.75OC02.06.2020
21Rajesh Kumar-II07.01.75OBC02.06.2020
22Subrata Kumar Dhar19.01.72OC02.06.2020
23Rajiv Kumar08.11.68OC02.06.2020
24Meena Mimi08.10.75ST02.06.2020
25J.K. Sabharwal11.07.66OC**
26Om Prakash02.10.69OC**
27Mrigank Johri22.09.67OC**
28P.A. Mohd. Ansari21.05.67OC**
29T.G.D. Almeida04.05.66OC**

** Note: The seniorify of these officers is provisional and will be decided after the decision of the following Court/ CAT cases based on which the officers have been given status quo as Assistant Engineer (Civil)

1. OA No. 2192/2016 filed by Shri L.K. Shanna & Others Vs U.O.l and Others.
2. OA No. 4148/2016 filed by Shri Mukhtiar Singh & Ors before Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi.
3. OA No.479 of 2014 filed by Shri C. Sreenivas before the Hon’ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench. The Hon’ble Tribunal has granted an interim stay for operation and implementation of final seniority list in the grade of Junior Engineers issued on 16-05-2014 to the extent it relates to the extent it relates to the reversion of the applicant.
4. OA No. 180/00440/20l4 filed by Shri T. Vijaya Kumar and others V/s U.O.l. before the Hon’ble CAT, Emakulam Bench.
5. OA No.350/01128/2017 filed by Shri Deb Kumar Ganguly&Ors. V/s UOI. & Ors before the Hon’ble CAT, Calcutta Bench, Kolkata.
6. OA No. 411/2017 filed by Shri Binod Kumar V/s UOI & Ors before the Hon’ble CAT, Patna Bench.

Superintending Engineer (HQ)

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