Request for up gradation of Post of PO RMS Accountant


Request letter to RN Parashar General Secretary to take up issue at higher level for up gradation of Post of PO RMS Accountant.

Bhushan P. More,
Accountant, Jalgaon D.O.
(Member -NFPE Jalgaon Division, MH Circle)


Hon. Shri. R. N. Parashar,
General Secretary,
National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE),
New Delhi

Sub:- Regarding request for up gradation of Post of PO RMS Accountant.

Ref- Fresh.

Respected sir,

With reference to above cited subject, it is kindly to submit that, I qualified the PO RMS Accountant Examination in year 2017 & am working as Accountant since October 2017. Since when I have been given an opportunity to work as Accountant, I have tried my best to complete and update all the tasks within stipulated time, even if there is shortage of staff or in situation of additional works.

But in SAP environment, I think, almost all the accountants are facing difficulties to handle the tasks attached to Accountant post, being the tough and time bound tasks to be completed with expected accuracy. Hence, in such situation, “doesn’t the post of Accountant deserve the higher pay scale or Special Promotional avenue ?”

If the answer is Yes, then all the Qualified Accountants should be directly upgraded to LSG Accountant & granted with next Promotions to HSG-II & so on in shorter service period.

If the answer is No, then, I think, Accountants are deceiving themselves by calling themselves as Accountant’. Because, it is better to work as Postal Assistant instead of Accountant & wait for General Line regular promotions as per Cadre Restructuring.

Now, our Department of Post is almost rolled out in SAP HR & F&A and it is practically very difficult for Accountants to maintain the work flow within stipulated time. In H.O. and especially in account Branch, role of accountant is very important to carry out time bound tasks. Divisional Accountant is also considered to be internal financial advisor and he also has to perform various time bound tasks & other works allocated to him, as well as, in LPCs & TPOECS, divisional Accountants are nominated as Committee Member which is constituted with Officer Level members.

In such scenario, it feels unjustified & contradictory that all the Posts of Sub Postmaster, Postmaster & All APMs are upgraded to LSG or HSG-Il or HSG-I i.e. higher grades and at the other end, an important & responsible post of Accountant is remained with time scale status even though he is qualified one. Even, treasurers are also granted with cash handling allowance @Rs.1000/- per month without any special qualification.

It has come to Know that, proposal for grant of special allowance to PO RMS Accountant is process, but it feels unjustified to grant special allowance instead of up gradation or Pay Level of Qualiied Accountants. Also, while comparing the status of Accountant post or other Departments ( Central Govt. as well as state Govt. ), their Accountants are having special status with upgraded pay scale & further promotion through seniority and examination. At the other end, only PO RMS Accountants are deprived of such upgraded pay scale & further promotion through seniority and examination.

Hence, taking into consideration the all above facts, it is kindly requested to take up the issue on higher level of staff Union & justify the said case with up gradation Pay Level of Qualified Accountants directly to LSG & above.

Now it is essential to take this issue with Separate & single Union Agenda at higher level for up gradation of Post of PO RMS Accountant.

‘Responsibility & qualification through Examination deserve the Higher Pay Scale.’

Hence, with hope, that, PO RMS Accountants will get the justice…. A line of reply is highly solicited please sir.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Bhushan P. More,
Accountant, Jalgaon D.O.

Copy to,
1] Hon. Com. Shri. Surendra Palav Sir, Circle Secretary, (NFPE Group-C & RCM staff side Secretary, Maharashtra Circle. ( Sir, please take up the matter with higher level. )

2] Hon. Com. Shri. Laxmikant R. Thakur, Divisional Secretary ( NFPE Group-C), Jalgaon Division, Jalgaon

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