Vacancy in Universal Postal Union of HRD – DOP information


Vacancy in Universal Postal Union (UPU) for Human Resources Development, Training and Procedures Programme Manager (P4)-DOP information Dated 5th October 2021

eFile No. R-17/1/2021-SPG
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110 001.

Dated: 5th October, 2021


Subject: Vacancy in Universal Postal Union (UPU) for Human Resources Development, Training and Procedures Programme Manager (P4)-reg.

This is for information that a vacancy for the post title Human Resources Development, Training and Procedures Programme Manager (P4) has been advertised by UPU on its website.

2. Officers of JAG and above rank may apply for the post. For further instructions regarding the online application process, please visit the UPU internet page:

The procedure to be followed will be as follows:
(a) The officer may apply by accessing the web address given above.
(b) A copy of the filled in application form along with supporting documents to the qualification will be sent to email ID for further screening and getting the cadre clearance.
(c) All the applications must be sent to this office through email by 18th of October, 2021.

3. It should be noted that application recommended by competent authority will be forwarded to UPU Headquarter by this office.

(G. Rajeev)
Director (Staff)

Copy to:

1. pso to Secretary (Posts)/DGPS
2. PPS to All Members Postal Services Board/Addl. DGPS
3. All Chief Postmasters General
4. CGM PLI/GM BD Directorate/Parcel Directorate
5. Addl. DG APS C/0 56 APO
6. Director RAKNPA Ghaziabad/Directors Postal Training Centres
7. eOffice portal of D/o Posts for information to all concerned
8. GM, CEPT Mysuru with a request to upload this circular on India Post website.

Vacancy Announcement No: UPU/21/P4/FT-C/339

Title: Human Resources Development, Training and Procedures Programme Manager

Grade: P4

Type of contract Fixed-term (Core) Appointment

Duration: Three years

Publication Date: 16 September 2021
Original published date: 16 September 2021

Application Deadline: 28 October 2021
Organizational Unit: Human Resources Directorate (DRH)

Duty Station:Bern Switzerland

Scheduled date for taking up appointment: As soon as possible

Organizational Context:
With its 192 member countries, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations, is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date prodvcts and services.

Main duties:
In line with the guidelines provided by the Director of Human Resources, the successful candidate will assume general responsibility for the activities within the scope of his/her programme, as follows:
– International Bureau (1B) human resource development (training) and management of the training platform;

– Job and workforce management;
– Management of procedures and risks in relation to human resource management;
– Planning and management of technological systems relating to human resource management;
– Coordination of recruitment of interns.

1. International Bureau human resource development (training)
a. Development and updating of training tools
– Devise and manage an online platform serving to coordinate training activities within the UPU’s work framework and develop technical and managerial skills, aimed at all staff;
– Prepare and regularly update a catalogue of training courses by family and/or professional category, serving to create stepping stones and career paths;
– In collaboration with the 1B directorates, examine the procedure for upgrading the various posts including enhanced skills/competences in order to adapt relevant training programmes responding to the new strategic needs of the UPU and its member countries;
– Conduct analyses in order to systematically adapt and modernize training programmes, including on-line training, to meet the evolving needs of the postal sector.

b. Implementation of training programmes
– In collaboration with the directorates, identify their specific training needs and submit prioritized annual action plans to the General Management;
– Compile staffs training needs stated in the staffs yearly performance evaluation report, implement and monitor improvement of the staffs skills accordingly;
– Identify and work with external service providers in relation to management training and language courses funded by the general budget and the social fund.
– Coordinate the organization of training sessions, workshops and seminars with internal and external partners;
– In line with the IJPU Congress’ decisions and resolutions, analyse and propose managers’ and staffs training needs and ensure the smooth running of such training in accordance with UPI-I’s priorities and management plan and in reference to the UN training requirements for staffs skills and competences;
– Prepare and manage the allocated training and language courses budgets;
– Manage staffs participation in the UN language examinations organized by the UN New York Office;
– Maintain management charts and various statistics.

2. Job and workforce management
a. Coordinate the examination and preparation of, and/or prepare in collaboration with the directorates, job descriptions for 1B posts, and advise the Director of Human Resources and General Management as to the appropriate content and grade thereof in accordance with the 1B’s structure and specialist areas of activity and the United Nations system;
b. If necessary, and with the agreement of the Director of Human Resources, provide opinions on and participate in internal reorganizations approved and conducted by the directorates and/or the General Management;
c. Manage and coordinate the classification/reclassification of job descriptions, and take responsibility for any ensuing activities;
d. Prepare job descriptions meeting the classification standard and CCOG code of the United Nations System as per the established International Civil Service Commission’s classification system.
e. Ensure regular oversight, in collaboration with the relevant directorate and HR colleagues, with regard to posts likely to fall or that have fallen vacant as a result of departure, reassignment or retirement, and take measures to ensure in-time knowledge transfer before separation and succession of the outgoing staff member, including preparing the necessary job description in advance;
f. Develop and maintain a career path model for 1B staff according to the UPIJ Career development and progression policy;
g. Manage, modernize and update the 1B’s organizational charts and the library/database of job descriptions;
h. Prepare analytical and statistical reports on classification and reclassification operations, as required;
i. Serve as Secretary of the Reclassification Committee.

3. Performance Management
a. Administer performance management and provide ongoing technical expertise advice and guidance to senior management and staff at all levels with a view to have a competent workforce
b. Administer and maintain on-line performance evaluation systems
c. Support supervisors and staff in specific performance management cases and take an intermediary role to manage at early stage any possible conflictual relationship for identifying conflict resolution with the involvement of other partners (social service, ombudsman, medical service) as/when necessary.
d. Provide training and coaching resources for individual supervisors who are handling complex, sensitive and/or controversial performance cases. Help foster a shared understanding of the role and accountability of supervisors with regards to people management, including performance assessment and career development linked to performance issues.
e. Equip supervisors with tools to handle performance issues, deal decisively with underperformance.

4. Financial Resources
a. In collaboration/consultation with other Teams in DRH, direct and supervise budget preparation, implementation, management and reporting of the HR Directorate
b. Establish measures to monitor financial resources.

5. Management of internships
a. Manage the 1B’s internship programme, i.e. identify the directorates’ annual needs, establish a budget in collaboration with the Finance Directorate, manage the budget, prepare internship job descriptions and ensure the publication and distribution thereof to targeted schools, participate in the selection of interns, draw up internship completion certificates;
b. Develop and maintain partnerships with universities and educational establishments.

6. Others
a. Participate upon request in the selection process to recruit staff for all categories;
b. Serve as Secretary or representative of the DRH on the Appointments and Promotions Committee.
c. Participate in risk analyses relating to the post activities, draw up, adapt as necessary, the procedures applied by the DRH with respect to its internal customers, and ensure the publication thereof.


First-level university degree (Bachelor) or advanced university degree (Master or equivalent) in human resources, social sciences, business management/public administration, or a related field.

– With an advanced university degree, at least seven years of professional experience in the field of personnel development, training management and performance management or a similar field;
– With a first-level university degree, at least nine years of professional experience in the aforementioned fields.

Technical knowledge:
1 . Excellent knowledge in the design and management of training, both in person and remote
2. Knowledge of HR policies, procedures and guidelines in his/her area of command
3. Knowledge and experience in job classification, knowledge of the UN Job Evaluation System would be an asset
4. Experience in competency-based interview techniques.

Skills and abilities I competencies:
1. Excellent judgement and decision-making abilities
2. High degree of professional integrity and impartiality
3. Ability to drive change and improvements
4. Excellent interpersonal skills
5. Strong conceptual skills with regard to HR policies, systems and tools
6. Excellent planning and organizational skills

Language skills:
Proficiency in French or English

Additional Information:
French is the official language of the UPU. English and French are the working languages of the UPIJ International Bureau.

Priority shall be given for an internal promotion.

Candidates might be considered for other similar posts (for a period not exceeding one year).

The UPU is committed to encouraging diversity within its workforce. Interested candidates from minority groups and/or with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated equally and in the strictest confidence.

Candidates must ensure that they provide relevant contact details so that they can be contacted at any time, to prevent them from being excluded from the selection process.

Annual salary:(Net of tax)
74,913 USD

Post adjustment: 85.80 % of the above figure(s). This percentage is to be considered as indicative since variations may occur each month either upwards or downwards due to currency exchange rate fluctuations or inflation.

The conditions of service are governed by the Staff Regulations and Rules of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union.

Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form.
All applications must be received by the closing date as stated in the vacancy announcement.

All applicants employed by postal entities and applying for a vacant position in the Professional (P) or Senior (D) category must be recommended and submitted through the competent postal authority.
Applications not satisfying this criterion may not be considered.

Only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted.

Applications from women and member states are particularly encouraged.
The UPU promotes diversity and work-life balance.

For further instructions regarding the online application process, please visit the UPU internet page at: …

🚭 The UPU has a smoke-free environment

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