Rule 38 Transfer Register 2021 – Rajasthan Circle


Rule 38 Transfer Register Rajasthan Circle 2021 – Approval of the CPMG, Rajasthan Circle, is hereby conveyed for Inter- Circle and Intra Circle transfer of the following officials under Rule-38 :


Memo No. Staff/50-Rule-38/PA/2021 (2022)
Dated at Jaipur, the 25.10.2021

In pursuance of the orders contained in Directorate’s letter No 141-141/2013-SPB-I Dated 17.01.2019 and letter no.12-1/2019-SPN-II(Pt.) dated 24.10.2019,X- 12/1/2019-SPB-II dated 30.04.2020, approval of the Chief Postmaster General, Rajasthan Circle, is hereby conveyed for Inter- Circle and Intra Circle transfer of the following officials under Rule-38 of P&T Manual Volume IV:

1. Postal Assistant (Po) Cadre:-

SI No. Name of the official Present PostingQuota Category Division/ Circle where transfer approved Vacancy Year
1Smt Anju Rathore, PABeawar Dn_DROBC(UR) Ajmer2022
2Shri Deepak Kumar,PASurat, Gujarat CircleDROBC(UR)Ajmer2022
3Shri Dinesh Bairwa,PABardoli, Gujarat CircleDRSCAjmer2022
4Sh. Ishwar Singh Rawat, PABhilwara DnDeptl.URAjmer2022
5Shri Amarpal Yadav, PA, Sikar HOSikar DnDROBC(UR)Alwar2021
6Shri Pradeep Kumawat, PAJaipu City DnDROBC(PwD-VH)Alwar2021
7Shri Rajesh Kumar Meena, PAAnantapur Dn,Ap CircleDRSTAlwar2021
8Shri Naresh Kumar Meena, PABeawar DnDeptl.ST(UR)Alwar2022
9Sh. Nitin Kumar, PABikaner DnDeptl.ST(UR)Alwar2022
10Shri Pappu Ram Parihar, PAGondal, Gujarat CircleDROBC(UR)Barmer2022
11Sh. Shrawan Singh,PASawaimadhop urDRURBeawar2022
12Shri Nitesh Kumar Tiwari,PAChittorgarh DnDeptl.UR(UR)Beawar2022
13Shri Pankaj Kumar Garg,PA,Bardoli, Gujarat CircleDRURBharatpur2021
14Shri Suresh Kumar Yadav,PA,Sriganganagar DnDROBCBharatpur2021
15Shri Yad Ram Jat, PAJaipur CityDeptl.URBharatpur2022
16Shri Sudama Meena,PARatangiri, Maharashtra CircleDRSTBhilwara2021
17Shri Mahesh Sharma,PAGurdaspur, Punjab CircleDRURBikaner2021
18Shri Virendra Royal,PAKalabugi, Karnataka CircleDROBC (UR)Bikaner2021
19Shri Sunil Lor, PAUdaipur DnDROBC (PH)Bikaner2021
20Shri Nishu, PAMandi Division, HP CircleDRSCBikaner2021
21Smt. Sarita Dangi, PAJodhpur DnURBikaner2022
22Shri Mohan Lal Meena, PABG East, Karnataka CircleDRSTChittorgarh2021
23Shri Rajath Sharma,PABelagavi, Karnataka CircleDRURChuru2022
24Shri Ashish Kumar Goyal, PARatnagiri, Goa, MH Circle DRURDholpur2022
25Smt. Neha, PA_Udaipur DnDROBC(UR)Jaipur City2021
26Shri Ram Bhajana Meena, PAGoa, MaharastraDRST (UR)Jaipur City2021
27Shri Prashant Khandelwal, PAJaipur MFL DnDRURJaipur City2021
28Shri Krishan Kumar Jat, PAMumbai North East, MH CircleDROBC(UR)Jaipur City2021
29Shri Subham Choudhary, PAPune MFL, MH CircleDRURJaipur City2021
30Shri Vikas Sharma, PA,Gurdaspur, Punjab CircleDRURJaipur City2021
31Sh. Raj Chaudhary, PAUdaipur DnDROBCJaipur City2021
32Shri Buddhi Prakash Sunar, PAJaipur Mfi DnDROBCJaipur City2021
33Shri Deepak Panchal, PAJaipur MfI DnDROBCJaipur City2021
34Smt. Manisha Chandel, PASawaimadhop urDnDRSCJaipur City2021
35Shri Yogesh Kumar Meena, PAKota DnDRST(PH)Jaipur City2021
36Shri Rajesh Meena,PAChittorgarh DnDRSTJaipur City2021
37Shri Manmeet Kumar jangid, PA,_Navi Mumbai, MH CircleDROBC(UR)Jaipur City2022
38Shri Ashish Kumar Mittal, PATonk DnDRURJaipur City2022
39Sh. Rajendra Singh, PAJhunjhunu DnDRURJaipur City2022
40Shri Rajesh Harijan PAKota DnDept.lSC(UR)Jaipur City2022
41Shri Pavan Singh Chouhan,PAAlwar DnDept.URJaipur City2022
42Ahutosh Sharma, PAAjmer DnDept.UR(UR)Jaipur City2022
43Shri Gourav Sharma,PAAjmer DnDept.UR(UR)Jaipur City2022
44Shri Phool Chand Verma, PAKota DnDept.SC(UR)Jaipur City2022
45Shri Ashok Kumar, PASrinagar, J& K CircleDROBCJaipur Mfl2021
46Shri Sumendra Kumar, PASirohi DnDROBCJaipur Mfl2021
47Shri Umakant Sharma, PAMathura Dn, UP CircleDRURJaipur Mfl2021
48Shri Harkesh Meena, PAJodhpur DnDRST(UR)Jaipur Mfl2022
49Shri Pappu Lal Meena, PAIndore Mfl Dn, M.P. CircleDRSTJaipur Mfl2022
50Shri Rahul Pratap Singh, PADelhi North Division, Delh CircleDeptl.URJaipur Mf2022
51Shri Sanwar Mal Kumawat, PAUdaipur DnDeptl.URJaipur Mf2022
52Shri Raj Kumar, PAPali DnDROBC(UR)Jhunjhunu2021
53MS. Ekta,PATonk DnDROBC(UR)Jhunjhunu2022
54Sh. Vikas, PAAmreli, Gujarat CircleDROBC(UR)Jhunjhunu2022
55Shri Avdesh Kumar, PASriganganagarDeptl.URJhunjhunu2022
56Shri SukhveerSingh, PABikanerDRSC (Ex.)Jhunjhunu2021
57Shri Mohammad Asif, PABhilwaraDROBCJodhpur2021
58Ms Monu Meena, PASikar DnDRSCJodhpur2021
59Shri Pradeep Kumar Meena, PAVadakara, Kerala CircleDRSTJodhpur2021
60Shri Himanshu Ashiya, PAUdaipur DnDROBC(UR)Jodhpur2022
61Shri Dinesh, PA,Bardoli, Gujarat CircleDROBC(UR)Jodhpur2022
62Shri Satish Didwaniya, PANagaur DnDeptl.URJodhpur2022
63Shri Rameshwar Malav, PAVadodara West,Gujrat CircleDROBCKota2021
64Shri Dharmendra Meena, PARaigarh, MH CircleDRSTKota2021
65Shri Dinesh Kumar Nagar, PAPali DnDeptl.URKota2022
66Shri Ramniwas Potter, PA Chittorgarh DnDeptl.URKota2022
67Sh. Govind, PADungarpur Dn DRSCKota202120
68Shri Devkinandan Meena, pAPali DnDRSTKota2021
69Shri Chetan Paniya, PAGandhinagar, Gujarat CircleDRURNagaur2021
70Shri Anil Kumar,PASrinagar, J& K CircleDROBCNagaur2021
71Shri Ramesh Bidiyasar, PAPali DnDROBC(UR)Nagaur2021
72Shri Pramod Meena, PASaharnpur, U.P. CircleDRST(UR)Nagaur2021
73Shri Manohar Singh Lamba, PAGandhinagar, Gujarat CircleDROBCNagaur2022
74Shri Ramniwas Meena, PABikaner DnDeptl.OBC(UR)Nagaur2022
75Shri Chanderdeep Jangir , PASrinagar, J & K CircleDRURPali2021
76Shri Lala Mali, PAPanchmahal, Gujarat CircleDROBC(UR)Sawaimadhopur2021
77Shri Bhupesh Kumar Jain, PADholpur DnDRURSawaimadhopur2022
78Shri GS Chechu, PAVadodara East, Gujarat CircleDROBC(UR)Sikar2021
79Shri Vikram Kumar Meena, PABikaner DnDept.ST(UR)Sikar2022
80Shri Ashok Kumar, PAUdaipur DnDROBC(UR)Sikar2021
81Shri Ravindra, PAAjmer DnDROBCSikar2021
82Shri Vikas Kumawat, PANavsari Division,Gujarat CircleDROBCSikar2021
83Shri Praveen Kumar Meena, PASahdol Dn, MP CircleDRSTSikar2021
84Shri Anil Bhaira, PASrinagar Dn, J&K CircleDROBCSirohi2021
85Shri Pawan Jangir, PASrinagar, J& K CircleDROBCSirohi2021
86Shri Babu Ram Meena, PAPalamau Jharkhand, CircleDRSTSirohi2021
87Shri Ashok Kumar Meena, PAPalamau Jharkhand, CircleDRSTSirohi2021
88Shri Sukhdeep Choudhary, PAChuru DnDROBC(UR)Sriganganagar2021
89Shri Rajesh Bhunwal, PAPali DnDROBC(UR)Sriganganagar2021
90Shri Saurabh Saharan, PAUdaipur DnDROBC(UR)Sriganganagar2021
91Shri Krishan Kumar 8377279-A WOUdhampur, J&K CircleDROBCSriganganagar2021
92Shri Tarun Kumar Soni, PaNew Delhi Central Dn, Delhi CircleDROBCSriganganagar2021
93Shri Harish Dhalia, PAUdaipur DnDRSCSriganganagar2021
94Shri Lokesh Kumar Agarwal, PABhilwara DnDRURTonk2022
95Shri Mahesh Puri, PAAmritsar, Punjab CircleDept.URTonk2022
96Shri Deepak Kumar, PAGondal, Gujarat CircleDR(ST)URTonk2022
97Shri Vijay Pal, PABenguluru South, Karnataka CircleDROBC(UR)Tonk2022
98Shri Mahendra Kumar 98 Prajapat, PAJaipur MfIDnDROBC(UR)Tonk2021
99Shri Arpit Sharma, PABenguru GPO, Karnataka CircleDRURUdaipur2022
1 Shri Shashi Kant Chogga, PA Sikar DivisionDR UR (PwD)Jammu, J & K CircleNo.STD/10- 6/2020/ Corr dated at Jammu the 25.03.2021
2 Shri Ravi Kumar, Gautam, PA Jodhpur Division DRSCGorkhpur,
U.P. Circle
No. STA/R- 38/Consolidated/In ter & Intra Region/4 dated at Lucknow the 27.11.2021

2. Postal Assistant (Co) Cadre:-

1Shri Mahesh Nagar, PACORO, Jabalpur, MP Circle DR OBCRajasthan Circle2021
2Shri Vijay Kumar Meena, PACOCO, Bhopal, MP CircleDRSTRajasthan
3Shri Punit Kumar Beniwal, PACORO Ahmedabad,Gujarat Circle DROBC(UR) Rajasthan

3. Postal Assistant (SBCO) Cadre:-

1Shri Arvind Kumar, PA SBCOFaridkot, PunjabDR OBCRajasthan Circle 2021
2Shri Sita Ram Yadav, PA SBCOJamnagar. GujaratDROBCRajasthan
3Shri Dinesh Meena ,PA SBCOJunagarh Division, Gujarat CircleDRSTRajasthan
4Shri Ganpat Lal Meena, PA SBCOMandsaur Dn, MP CircleDRSTRajasthan
5Shri Sita Ram Meena, PA SBCORatlam Dn, MP CircleDR STRajasthan
6Shri Rakesh Choudhary, PA SBCOSirsi, N K, Karnataka Circle DROBC(UR)Rajasthan Circle2022

4. Sorting Assistant Cadre:-

1Sh. Yogesh Meena, SA RMS AM Dn Gujarat Circle DR ST RMS “J” Dn, Ajmer2021
2Shri Gaurav Pratap, SARMS W Dn, GujaratDRURRMS “J” Dn, Ajmer2022
3Shri Sumit Kumar, SA, RMS RJ Dn, Gujarat CircleDRSTRMS “J” Dn, Ajmer2022
4Shri Bablu Verma, SARMS “SH” Dn, Gaziabad UP CircleDRSCRMS “JP” Dn, Jaipur2021
5Shri Ajit Yadav, SARMS ‘J’ Dn AjmerDROBC(UR)RMS “JP” Dn, Jaipur2022
6 Shri Gourav Singh, SARMS ‘O’ Dn, Lucknow, UP CircleDRSCRMS “JP” Dn, Jaipur2022
7Shri Hariom Meena, SARMS “J” Division, AjmerDRST(Ph)RMS “JP” Dn, Jaipur2022
8Shri Vinod Kumar, SAI” Dn, Jalandhar, Punjab CircleDROBCRMS “ST ” Dn, Jodhpur2021
9Shri Surendar Kumar, SARMS “I” Dn, Jalandhar, Punjab CircleDROBC(UR)RMS “ST ” Dn, Jodhpur2022
10Shri Pawan Kumar, SADROBCRMS “ST ” Dn, Jodhpur2022

The transfer will be subject to following terms & conditions:

1. That the seniority of the official on joining duty in new unit will be determined in accordance with the provisions of Rule 38 of Postal Manual Vol. IV as amended from time to time.

2. That he/she will not claim any TA/TP.

3. That he/she will have to forego all claims for confirmation in the old unit even if a permanent vacancy was available/becomes available because of retrospective permanency of the post or tor any other reason for which he/ she was entitled to confirmation in his/her old units.

4. That he/she will not claim repatriation to his/her parent unit.

5. That he/she after transfer to new unit will be eligible for confirmation in the new unit only according to his/her position in the gradation list of the new unit.

6. The relieving unit is requested to see that no such official ordered to be transferred on this memo is actually relieved before the posting order in respect of the concerned official is received by him.

7. The official may be accommodated against the respective quota of vacancies in which he/she was recruited in the cadre.

Charge report should be sent to all concerned.

( S L Meena)
Assistant Director (Staff
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur-302007

A copy of this memo is issued to:

  1. The Chief Postmaster General, Delhi/Gujarat/Himachal Pradesh/Punjab/Maharashtra/ Pradesh /J&K/UP/Kerala/Jharkhand/Andhra Pradesh/Karnataka Circle: it is intimated that above officials can be accommodated in Rajasthan Circle in the unit mentioned against each.
  2. The Postmaster General, Rajasthan Western Region, Jodhpur/ Rajasthan Southern Region, for information and necessary actions.
  3. All Divisional Heads (Postal& RMS), Rajasthan Circle for information and necessary actions.
  4. The Assistant Director (A & E), CO, Jaipur for information and necessary actions.
  5. The Office Superintendent, co, Jaipur for information and necessary actions.
  6. The Section Supervisor (Staft), co Jaipur for information and necessary actions.
  7. The DA(CO)/SBCo, CO, Jaipur for information and necessary actions
  8. The Official concerned.
  9. Office Copy & Spare Copy.

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