Rule 38 Transfer Approval – Chhattisgarh Postal Circle

Chhattisgarh Postal Circle is pleased to approve the Intra Circle transfer of Postal Assistant (PA) and Postman Cadre Under Rule 38 – Order Dated 20 October, 2021

In pursuance of the order contained in Directorate Letter No. 141-141/2013-SPB-I dated 17.01.2019 and amended from time to time, approval of the Postmaster General, Chhattisgarh Circle, Raipur is pleased to approve the Intra Circle transfer of the following officials of Postal Assistant and Postman Cadre under Rule-38 of P&T Manual Vol. IV against their respective Quota and Category :-

1. Postal Assistant cadre

SI. Name & designation of the official Date of joining in the cadre Direct/ Promotee Category Division/ where sought Remarks
1Bihari Lal Matlam, Raipur Dn.14.03.2029PromoteeST (selected against UR)Bastar Dn.Mutual Case
2Ajay Kumar Sidar, Raigarh Dn.06.04.2011DRSTBilaspur Dn.New Case
3Ram Charan Sahu, Bastar Dn.09
DRURBilaspur Dn.New Case
4Kishor Kumar Sahu, Bastar Dn.09.06.2011DRURBilaspur Dn.New Case
5Ravindra Kumar Kashyap, Raigarh Dn.01.07.2014PromoteeUR/OBCBilaspur Dn.New Case
6Santosh Kumar, Durg Dn.26.07.2014PromoteeSCBilaspur Dn.New Case
7Kishor Kumar Bhardwaj, Bastar Dn.03.03.2014DRSCDurg Dn.WL/2021
8Rajendra Kumar Gupta, Bastar Dn.09.06.2011DRURDurg Dn.New Case
9Mithun Mandavi, Bastar Dn.06.01.2014DRSTDurg Dn.New Case
10Rakesh Kumar Patil, Raipur Dn.04.
DRSCDurg Dn.New Case
11Nikhil Sahu, Raigarh Dn.03.06.2015DROBCDurg Dn.New Case
12Ram Bhende, Raipur Dn.17.08.2017DRURDurg Dn.New Case
13Anil Kumar Rathia, Raipur Dn.28.02.2019PromoteeSTRaipur Dn.New Case
14K.K. Verma, Raigarh Dn.16.06.2014PromoteeUR/OBCRaipur Dn.WL/2021
15Sharad Kumar Sharma, Bastar Dn.19.06.1996DRURRaipur Dn.New Case
16Prabhat Yadu, Bastar Dn.07.04.2011DRURRaipur Dn.New Case
17Malik Ram Sahu, Bastar Dn.30.06.2014PromoteeURRaipur Dn.New Case
18Dos Ram Sahu, Bastar Dn.30.06.2014PromoteeURRaipur Dn.New Case
19Aditya Bhattacharya, Bastar Dn.06.04.2015DRURRaipur Dn.New Case
20Marshal Kumar Rai, Bastar Dn.28.02.2019PromoteeURRaipur Dn.Mutual with Bihari Lal Matlam, (UR) Raipur Dn.
21Rajeshwar Chaturvedi, Bastar Dn.28.02.2019PromoteeSCRaipur Dn.New Case

2. Postman Cadre

1 Suresh Kumar Chauhan, Raigarh Dn.04.12.2014DRSC Bilaspur Dn.New Case
2Abdul Salim, Bastar Dn. 01.01.2018DRURBilaspur Dn.New Case
3Vikranta Singh Karwar, Durg Dn.30.05.2018DRSTBilaspur Dn.New Case
4Ghanshyam Das Dahariya, Raipur Dn.18.03.2011DRSCDurg Dn.wL/2021
5Parveen Kumar Meshram, Bastar Dn.22.12.2017DRSCDurg Dn.New Case
6Dhananjay Dubey, Bastar Dn.23.12.2017DRURDurg Dn.New Case
7Roshan Kumar Sahu, Bastar Dn.04.09.2014DRURRaipur Dn.wL/2021
8Dhanraj Lahare, Raigarh Dn.10.08.2018DRSCRaipur Dn.New Case

The above transfer under Rule-38 are approved subject to the following condition:-

1. The concerned Circle should ascertain that no Vigilance/ Disciplinary cases is pending in respect of these officials and verification of educational/ cases and character antecedents etc.
have been done found genuine.

2. The seniority of the officials on joining duty in new unit will be determined in accordance with the provisions of Rule 38 of Postal Manual Vol. IV as amended from time to time.

3. He/She will not claim any TA/TP.

4. He / She will have to forego all claims for confirmation in the old unit even if a permanent vacancy was available because of retrospective permanency of the post or for any other reason for which he/she entitled to confirmation in his / her old units.

5. He / She will not claim repatriation of his/ her parent units.

6. He/she after transfer to new unit will be eligible for confirmation in the new unit oy according to his/her position in the gradation list of the new unit .

7. The relieving unit is requested to see that no auch official ordered to be transferred on his memo is actually relieving before the posting order in respect of the concerned officials is received by him.

8. The Officials may be accommodated against the respective quota of vacancies in which he/she was recruited in the cadre.

The above officials may be relieved by 31.10.2021 without fail.

(B.R. Yadav)
Assistant Director (Staff)
Chhattisgarh Circle, Raipur- 492001.

A copy of this memo is issued for information and necessary action to:-

1. The Sr./Supdt. of Post officials Baster/ Bilaspur/Durg/Raigarh Divisions.
2. Concerned case file.
3. Guard file.
4. Notice board (Circle Office)
5. Spare


1. Postal Assistant Cadre

SI.Name & designation of the official Date of joining in the cadreDirect/ Promotee Caregory Division/ where sought
1. Dadu Ram Banjare, Raigarh Dn.20.10.2010DRSC Bilaspur Dn.
2.Manish Kalosiya, Raigarh Dn.20.10.2010DRSCBilaspur Dn.
3.Smt. Savita Banjare, Raigarh Dn.27.10.2010DRSCBilaspur Dn.
4.Ram Kumar Patre, Raigarh Dn.10.09.2011DRSCBilaspur Dn.
5.Dev Narayan Sidar, Bastar Dn.04.09.2015PermoteeSTBilaspur Dn.
6.Hira Lal Manohar, Raipur Dn.28.02.2019PermoteeSCBilaspur Dn.
7.Selvee Monika Tirkey, Raipur Dn.04 04.2015DRSTRaigarh Dn.
8.Rakesh Bhagat, Bastar Dn.03.07.2018DRSTRaigarh Dn.
9.Sanjay Kumar, Durg Dn.04.10.2018DRSTRaigarh Dn.

1. Hitesh Kumar Tandan, Raipur Dn. 15.01.2018 Dr SC Bilaspur Dn.

3. MTS Cadre

1. Deepak Kumar Pradhan Bastar Dn. 23.07.2018 DR SC Bilaspur Dn.

(B.R. Yadav)
Assistant Director (Staff)
Chhattisgarh Circle, Raipur- 492001.

Download PDF – Memo no. STA 2/R-38/Intra Circle/Transfer/2021 Dated at Raipur, the 20.10.2021

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