Rationalization of AAO posts in Postal Accounts Offices in DoP


Rationalization of AAO posts in Postal Accounts Offices in DoP Order Dated 23.09.2021

No. 30-26/2009-PACE/Diversion/Pt./7516-7624
Government of India
Ministry of communications
Department of Posts

PA Wing, Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001
Dated 23.09.2021


Sub:- Rationalization of AAO posts in Postal Accounts Offices in DoP – Reg.

In partial modification of this office O.M. No. F No. 237/1/2019/PA Admn II/1372-1462 dated 29.12.2020 and in accordance to the lobo committee recommendations which was constituted for “restructuring of PAOs in view of the CSI implementation” to retain 771 posts of Assistant Accounts Officers in various Postal Accounts Offices and DoP Hqrs. and considering the financial/accounting transactions of PAOs for the last 03 financial years, the AAO posts in various Postal Accounts Establishment are rationalized as below:-

S. No.Name of PAOsPresent Sanctioned StrengthRevised Sanctioned Strength
1.Andhra Pradehsh3130
7.Himachal Pradesh1112
9.Jammu & Kashmir910
13.Madhya Pradesh2930
14.Maharashtra (including Base Circle)9875
15.North East Circle810
21.Uttar Pradesh6765
23.West bengal6665
24.CEPT Mysore11
25.CEPT Banglore11
27.DoP HQ*4044

*DoP HQ includes four posts of AAOs in BD Dte, Parcel Dte and PLI Dte (BD – 1, PD – 1 & PLI – 2)

2. Establishment register of all the PAOs and DoP Hqrs. may be revised on accordance to the fresh sanctioned duly approved by secretary (Posts) and concurred by AS & FA.

3. All the Heads of PAOs are requested to consider the following rationalization of Posts-

(a) 03 AAOs from Delhi, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, One each should be posted in the Post offices where ‘grid reconciliation function” is being carried out.

(b) 01 AAO should be posted by PAO Karnataka at GPO Bengaluru for ATM reconciliation and CBS/Mc-Camish integration reconciliation work.

(c) Circle PAO should post at least 02 AAOs in each Regional Office and Define the responsibility as per the extant instructions.

(d) Responsibility of AAOs deployed in CPMG officers shall also be redefined and communicated to HQRS.

4. All the Heads of PAOs should define the role and responsibilities of each AAOs allotted to the Circle and submit concrete proposal within one month from issue of this order to streamline the PAO structure functionality.

This issues with the approval of the Secretary (Posts)

Furqan Akhtar
Assistant Chief Officer
(PA Admn)

Copy for information and further necessary action to –

  1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)/DG (Posts)/Member (F), DCC
  2. Sr. PPS to AS & FA/Sr. DDG (PAF)/Director, RAKNPA
  3. Sr. PPS to All Heads of Circle
  4. Sr PPS to Director PA Admn/Accounts/Budget/IA/FA/T&C/PMU
  5. AO(PEA)/Estt/PACE
  6. Office copy & Spare.

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