Local officiating arrangements against vacant AAO Posts -reg


Local officiating arrangement against AAO vacancies. No exam for new vacancies till further order – Order Dated 24.09.2021

No. 301 (17)/2014/PA-Admn.III/1910-1960
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts, PA Wing
4th Floor, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi 110001

Dated 24.09.2021


  1. All Pr CsCA / CsCA
  2. All GMs (PAF)/DsA(P)

Sub: Local officiating arrangement against vacant Assistant Accounts Officer Posts.


I am directed to refer to the aforementioned subject and convey the approval of the competent authority viz. Member (F), DCC for the following guidelines to man the vacancies of Assistant Account Officers in Postal Account offices, CCA offices & HQ offices both in DOT & DOP:

1. Local officiating arrangement against the vacant posts of AAO may be made amongst Senior Accountants with five years of regular service on the basis of seniority subject to observance of standing instructions and prescribed procedures on the following circumstances :-

(i) Against regular vacancies till such time that vacancies are filled up on regular basis.

(ii) Against vacancies caused as result of AAOs proceeding on leave, deputation, training etc.

(iii) Against vacancies caused as a result of officiating arrangement of AAOs made to AO Level.

(iv) The JAO Part II (Postal) Examination Qualified candidates who have not accepted the offer of appointment issued vide DoT O.M. No. 27.07.2009 SEA-II dated 21.12.2009 and dated 13.01.2010 shall not be eligible for consideration to local officiating promotion as Assistant Account Officer.

2. Heads of the Postal Accounts offices / CsCA are authorized to make local officiating arrangement in Assistant Accounts Officer level against the vacancies arising in their respective offices. These orders are in supersession of all the previous orders issued on this subject.

3. The local officiating arrangement made as per above guidelines will be on purely temporary basis and may be cancelled as and when deemed necessary.

4. This issued with the approval of the competent authority.

Yours Faithfully
(Furqan Akhtar)
ACAO (PA Admn)

Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:-

  1. Sr. PPS to Member (F)/CGCA.
  2. Sr PPS to Addl CGCA/Advisor (F) DoT.
  3. DDG (E&AM), DoT HQ, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi.
  4. General Secretary of all concerned Association/Unions.
  5. office Copy and spare.

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