DOP new Transfer Guidelines 2021


DOP (Department of Posts) issued new Transfer Guidelines for Group C Employees, Group B (non-gazetted) and ASP (Group B Gazetted) on 02nd September 2021

No. X-12/6/2021-SPN-II-DOP (Part)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001
Dated 02 September 2021


  • All Chief Postmaster General / All Postmaster General
  • Chief General Manager PLI/Parcel/BD Directorate
  • Chief General Manager CEPT/Director RAKNPA/Director of All PTCs
  • Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service
  • All General Manager (Finance)/Director Postal Accounts /DDAP

Subject : Guidelines for transfer to regulate transfers of Group “C” officials, Group “B”(non-gazetted) officials and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (ASP) Group ‘B’ Gazetted – reg.


I am directed to refer to Directorate letter no. 141-141/2013-SPB-II dated 17.01.2019 on the above mentioned subject and to say that para 4 of the guidelines provides for temporary Inter-Circle transfer of employees. Subsequently, vide letter no. 141-141/2013-SPN-II dated 01.03.2019, it was conveyed that Intra-Circle temporary transfer shall be considered by Head of the Circle concerned.

2. In view of various references received from Circles, the issue has been further reviewed and following instructions are issued with the approval of the competent authority:

(a) An official will be eligible for Inter-Circle/intra-Circle temporary transfer and attachment in Directorate after completion of one year of service.

(b) Regional PMG shall be competent to approve temporary transfer from one Division to another within the Region.

(c) CPMG shall be competent to approve temporary Intra-Circle transfer from one Region to another Region within the Circle.

(d) CPMG(s) shall be competent to approve temporary Inter-Circle transfer from one Circle to another.

(e) General Manager (Finance) / Director of Accounts (Postal) of Postal Accounts Office of Circle shall be competent to approve Inter-Circle or Intra-Circle transfer of staff on the establishment of PAO.

(f) Powers delegated vide (b) to (e) above shall be exercised in all those cases which fulfills the conditions stipulated in the Transfer Policy guidelines circulated vide aforesaid letter dated 17.01.2019, as amended from time to time.

(g) Director General Postal Services shall be competent to approve any temporary transfer (Inter-Circle or Intra-circle) and attachment at Directorate, Including relaxation of any condition mentioned in Transfer Policy Guidelines, as amended from time to time.

3. The cases of temporary transfer will be examined in consultation with respective PMG/CPMG. These instructions shall come in force with immediate effect. Inter Circle temporary transfer cases referred to Directorate but not approved till date shall be considered on basis of aforesaid instructions.

Yours faithfully
(Muthuraman C)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

Copy for information to :

  1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts) / Director General Postal Services.
  2. PPS/PPS to Members Postal Services Board.
  3. Sr. DDG (PAF), Dak Bhawan.
  4. Portal Upload Team, CEPT for uploading this letter on India Post Website.
  5. Office Copy / Guard File.

Download PDF of DOP new transfer Guidelines 2021

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