DOP Holiday List 2022 – Download PDF


Download PDF File for DOP Holiday List 2022 – All Holidays list to be Observed in Central Government Offices During the year 2022

DOP Holiday List 2022

File No.Y-21/1/2021-PE-II-DOP
Government Of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Establishment Division

Dak Bhawan ,Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001

Dated: the 14 June,2021

All Chief Postmasters General,
All Postmasters General,
All PTCs, RAKNPA, Ghaziabad.

Subject: Holidays to be observed in Central Government Offices during the year 2022.

I am directed to forward herewith a copy of O.M. No.12/5/2021-JCA-2 dated 08.06.2021 received from the Department of Personnel and Training New Delhi on the subject mentioned above.

2. It is requested that a list of holidays to be observed in the Operative offices and Administrative offices under your control,during the calendar year 2022, maybe drawn up as per the instructions contained in the office Memorandum referred to above and circulated to all concerned.

3. In addition to 14 Compulsory Holidays, 3 holidays shall be decided by the central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee in the State capitals. After deciding the 3 holidays in constitution with Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee,Final list, applicable uniformly to all concerned will be notified. It is also clarified that no change is permissible in regard to festivals and dates indicated.

4. The list of Restricted Holidays appended to this O.M is meant for Central Government Offices in Delhi / New Delhi. The coordination Committee at state capitals may draw up separate list of RH keeping in view the occasion of local importance but the 9 occasions left over,after choosing the 3 variable holidays, are also to be included in the list of RH.

5. A copy of notified list of holidays may be sent to directorate .

(Tarun Mittal)
Assistant Director General (Estt.I)

Copy to :-
1. Sr.PPS to Secretary (P)/DG Postal Services
2. PPS to All Members Postal Services Board/Addl.DG (Coordination)
3. Secretary (PSB)/AS&FA/Sr.DDG (PAF)
4. CGM BD & Parcel/CGM PLI/Sr.DDG (Vig.)
5. All DDsG, Postal Directorate
6. All Directors,Postal Directorate
7. All GMs and Directors ,PAOs/DAPs
8. DG ,P&T Audit Civil Lines , Delhi – 54
9. All Sections of Postal Directorate .
10. So Gaurd File

Download PDF of DOP Holiday List 2022

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