Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 60


Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 60 : Article from Mr. K.V.Shridharan, Ex General Secretary, AIPEU Group C

Conduct & Disciplinary Rules – 60



Pursuant to the decision taken in PMSG meeting held in December 1991, the following orders are being issued:

1.Review of Inspection Procedures, Operative Offices, General Inspections:

a)The existing procedure and the number of inspections in respect of HPOS, HSG Sub Offices, LSG Sub Offices may continue.

b)Instructions have been issued for the second inspection of all single handed departmental SOs, EDSOs and EDBOs. For the second inspection of single handed DSO, one day may be given as only one day has been given even for the first inspection. It has been laid down that the second inspection would be like verification of the accounts. The questions which have to be handled in the second inspection will be communicated on finalizing the Questionnaires for BOs and SOs.

2.Review of Inspection Questionnaires:

a, Review of Inspection Questionnaire for various offices is being carried out. There is no need for making any fundamental changes in the inspection questionnaires.

b. It has been noticed that the inspections of operative offices by various inspecting officers are not being carried out properly on time. It is to be ensured that each circle should fix up the performance targets for each quarter taking into account the local conditions instead of the existing quarterly targets prescribed by the Directorate and intimate the targets to this office The monitoring will be done on the basis of the performance targets fixed by the Heads of Circles. It should be ensured that the programme should envisage completion of inspection by the end of November.

 3.Time Schedule for issue of IRs and VRs:

The following time schedule for issue of inspection reports and visit remarks should be followed:

a)       Sub Divisional Inspectors should issue IRs within 10 days and VRs within a week. Action on them should be taken within 15 days by the concerned Post Office/B.O. and Account Office. Action by the H.O./S.D.1/Divisional Office should be taken within one month.

b)       Inspection reports and visit remarks on sub office should be issued within 15 days and 10 days respectively. Action on concerned paragraphs of IRS and VRs should be completed within one month by SPM, Head Office and Divisional Office.

c)        IRs and VRs on Head Office should be issued within one month and 15 days respectively. Action should be completed by Head Office and Divisional Office within two months and by the circle office within three months.

d)       IRs on Division office should be issued within 20 days, compliance by Divisional office should be completed within two months and by circle office within three months.

e)        IRs on Regional Office should be issued within 30 days. Action by Regional Office and Circle Office should be completed within Three months and by Directorate, if any, within four months.

These instructions will also apply to Account Office, Office of S.E. (Civil). S.E.(Elect) and other administrative offices including presidency Post Offices.

f)        IRs on Postal Stores Depot/Circle Stamp Depots should be issued within one month and VRs within ten days. Action by the concerned Unit should be completed within two months and by the Office of Regional PMG/Circle office within three months.

g)       IRs on Circle Office should be issued within one month. Action by Circle Office should be completed within three months and by the Directorate within four months.

4. Review of IRs :

a) The IRs should be reviewed by the next higher authority to the Inspecting Officer of Head Office will be reviewed by the Director and the same will be put up to the Regional PMG/Chief PMG for information after review. IR of the Divisional Unit will be put up to the Regional PMG/Chief PMG for review.

b) Senior Postmaster will inspect one branch of Head Office each month and will send the IRs to the Sr. Superintendent or the Director, whoever is the immediate Controlling Officer of the Head Office.

5. Review of IRs and VRs for their compliance:

With a view to improving and streamlining the inspection work. It is essential to complete the compliance of the concerned paragraph of IRs and VRs. It is, therefore, enjoined that the Head of the Office must carry the review of pending IRs and VRs every month to ensure that no IRs/VRs are pending beyond the time schedule prescribed for completion of action on IRs and VRs. 6. Inspection of some units by CPMSG/PMsG:

The Postmasters General including the Chief Postmasters General should take up sufficient number of Units for inspection by them. The inspection of the Circle office or Regional Office by Director should be avoided. It could be done by CPMG or the PMG in the Circles when it is not carried out by the Directorate.

(DGP. No: 17-3/92-Inspn. dtd. 02/7/92)

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