GDS Compassionate Engagement Cases and Timelines – DOP instructions


Establishment Division of Directorate issued instructions to all CPMGs regarding follow the time lines strictly and to finalize the compassionate engagement cases of GDS vide DO No. 17-14/2021-GDS dated 12.08.2021

Smriti Sharan
DDG (Establishment)
Tel:- 011- 2309 618

Government of lndia
Ministry of Communications & lT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
DO No. 17-14/2021-GDS dated 12.08.2021

Please refer to this office letter no. 17-01/2017-GDS dated 05.03.2020 wherein it was requested to review the compassionate engagement cases of dependents of deceased/missing GDS, which were rejected by the CCE between the period year 2005 and May 2017 as a one time measure.

2. In this context, the matter has been reviewed again and it ls observed that a large number of cases are pending on the part of the Circles. It is felt that Circles did not fully comply with the instructions issued vide letter no. 17-01/2017-GDS dated 05.03.2020 and 17-01/2017-GDS dated 01.06.2021. Therefore, it is again requested to finalize all pending compassionate cases within a period of one-month i.e by 11th September 2021. A completion certificate signed by DPS (HQ) with the approval of CPMG may be sent to Directorate by 15th September, 2021.

3. Further, attention is invited to letter no. 17-01/2017 dated 01.06.2021 wherein it was requested to finalize compassionate case within a period of two months from the death of GDS. To expedite the process, Competent Authority has approved the following stage wise timelines to finalize the Compassionate Engagement within the period of 2 months of from the date of death of GDS:-

Time limit for finalization of the compassionate engagement within 2 months of the death of GDS

SI No.StepTime Limit to complete each step
1. Family should be informed about the scheme of compassionate
engagement along with the list of regular GDS vacancies available
in the Division and provide necessary documents to the family.
2. Sub Divisional Head should obtain duly filled applications of
compassionate engagement and submit along with all documents to
Divisional Head.
20 Days
3.Divisional Head should submit the duly completed case to Regional
12 Days
4.Regional office should submit the case to Circle office 07 Days
5.The case should be considered by CCE and decided by the Circle Head 14 Days
6.Issue of order of compassionate engagement. 7 Days

4. In case family of the deceased GDS, refuses or delays the case, Sub Divisional Head shall report such reasons to Divisional Head within the prescribed timelines of 20 days from the death. Divisional Head in all cases, where the offer is refused or delayed, shall personally enquire the matter and record his findings. In case of delay on the part of family members of deceased GDS, Sub Divisional Head shall send a report every month to Divisional Head about all such pending cases along with status thereof. Divisional Head shall keep a close watch on such delays and intervene personally wherever required.

Therefore, I would be grateful if you could direct concerned officers to follow the above time lines strictly and to finalize the compassionate engagement cases of GDS.

Yours Sincerely
Smriti Sharan


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