DOP Revised Financial Powers Delegated to HoC’s and HoD’s – Schedule-II


DOP Financial Powers Delegated to Heads of Circles and Heads of the Departments ( Revised Version 2021) – Schedule-II

No. 6-1/2021-Fin.Coord
Govt. of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
New Delhi – 110001
(Integrated Finance Wing)

Dated 30th July 2021


Subject : – Revision of Financial Powers of the Heads of Circles and Heads of the Departments in the Department of Posts

The Financial powers of the Officers of the Department of Posts were earlier exercised based on the financial powers envisaged in schedule of Financial Powers of the officers of the Posts and Telegraphs Department. After bifuraction of the Department into Department of Posts and Department of Telecommunications with effect from January, 1985, a Separate Schedule of Financial for Officers of the Department of Posts was drawn up and followed. Subsequently, these financial powers were reviewed and modified so as to bring the Department of Posts under the purview of the Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1978 (DFPR) with effect from 1st April, 1988. This has been further revised and the last revision was carried out vide order No. 6-3/2007 (FC Posts) dated 06.9.2007.

2. Since the financial powers as contained in schedule – II have not been revised for more than 13 years, a need was felt to review and revise the existing financial powers keeping in view the escalation in cost of various items. Moreover, Some of the items available in the existing Schedule – II of the Schedule of Financial Powers have lost their relevance. As such review and revision of the Financial powers as contained in Schedule – II of the Schedule of Financial Powers has become necessary and after careful consideration of all the aspects, The Secretary, Department of Posts is pleased to delegate financial powers to the Heads of the Postal Circles and the Heads of the Department as detailed in enclosed Schedule II (A) and to Sr DDG (PAF), General Managers (Finance) and Directors of Accounts (Postal) as at Schedule II (C). Schedule II (B) containing the financial powers of Directors of Postal Services having independent charge in the Department of Posts which remains unchanged is also enclosed. The Financial powers so delegated shall be exercised subject to conditions and limitations mentioned in Note – I to Note – 9 of Schedule -II of the Schedule of Financial Powers.

3. These revised delegated powers as enclosed will replace the existing Schedule -II of the Schedule of Financial powers and shall come into immediate effect.

Encl : As above.

(Anil Kumar Nayak)
Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor

Copy forwarded to :

  1. All Members of PSB, Addl DG (Coordination)
  2. All Senior DDsG/DDsG in Postal Directorate
  4. All Chief Postmasters Generals
  5. DG, P&T Audit
  6. Secretary (PSB), All PMG, All GM (PAF)
  7. Director, RAKNPA
  8. All DAPs
  9. Director (Budget/T&C/IA/Accounts/PA (Admn)/F-PMU
  10. All DDOs in the Postal Directorate
  11. GM (CEPT) for uploading on Indiapost Website
  12. SO (GA) for uploading in e-Office.

Copy for information to :

  1. Sr PPS to Secretary (Posts)
  2. PSO to DG (Posts)

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