SB order 19/2021 – No fresh/Revised AOF required in Account Closure


SB order 19/2021 – Amendment in Para xi of SB Order 34/2021 regarding No fresh/Revised AOF required in account closure F.No. FS-14/3/2020-FS dated 20/07/2021

SB Order 19/2021

F.No. FS-14/3/2020-FS
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(F.S. Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Dated 20/07/2021

All Heads of Circles/Regions

Subject of SB Order 19/2021 :- Amendment in Para xi of Part A of SB Order 34/2020 regarding.


  1. This office is receiving various representations from the depositors that post offices are forcing them for filling of fresh ‘ Account opening Form’ at the time of Account Closure/premature closure due to non availability/Traceability of SB-3/AOF.
  2. Para xi of Part A of SB Order 34/2020 dated 07/10/2020 prescribed – Whereve SB-3/AOF is not available. Fresh AOF is to be obtained with fresh KYC documents and should be attached with account closure form and is to be sent to SBCO.
  3. Keeping in view of difficulties being faced by the depositors and to avoid wastage of AOF, the competent authority has decided to amend Para xi of Part A of SB Order 34/2020 dated 07/10/2020 as detailed below.

The Para of xi of Part A of SB Order 34/2020 should be replaced with below text:-

xi) Wherever SB-3/AOF is not traceable after making all efforts, SPM/APM shall write on the top of the Account Closure/Premature Closure from ” Original SB-3/AOF is not traceable after making all efforts” and put signatures. No fresh/revised AOF is required in such cases.

Note :-

  • In-Charge SBCO concerned shall keep watch on such post offices which are in the habit of not attaching Original SB-3/AOF and giving above certificate on account closure/Premature closure form and will report to Divisional Head concerned about that post office for such irregularity.
  • Divisional Head Concerned will conduct an inquiry for non preservation/maintenance/tracing of such an important record i.e. SB-3/AOF in that post office and take necessary action against erring official(s)

4. It is requested to circulate these amendments to all concerned for information,guidance and necessary action.

5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

Yours faithfully
Devendra Sharam
Assistant Director SB-II

Download PDF of SB Order 19/2021

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