PO RMS Accountant Exam Notification 2021 – UP Circle


UP Circle released PO RMS Accountant Exam Notification which is to be held on 29.08.2021

Department of Posts, India
Office of Chief Postmaster General, UP Circle, Lucknow.


  1. The PMG Agra/Allahbad/Bareilly/Gorakhpur/Kanpur/HQ Lucknow/Varanasi Regions.
  2. The DPS Ghaziabad.
  3. The Vigilance officer CO Lucknow.
  4. The APMG (Staff) CO Lucknow.
  5. The SSPOs Ghaziabad Division.
  6. All SSPOs/SPOs in UP circle.
  7. All SSRMs/SRMs in UP circle.
  8. The CPM lucknow GPO/ kanpur GPO
  9. The GM (Finance) UP Circle Lucknow.
  10. The Officer commanding P&T, Admin cell, C/o 56APO APS centre-900746.
  11. The Director, CEPT Mysore for uploading this notification on Indiapost Website.
  12. The SRM SH Division Saharanpur.
  13. The Supdt. PSD lucknow/PSFS Aligarh.
  14. All Group Officers CO lucknow/The OS CO lucknow.
  15. The manager RLO Lucknow/MMS Kanpur.

No : Rectt./M-67/PO RMS Actt. Exam/2021/5 dated at lko the 19.07.2021

Subject: Notification of PO RMS Accountant Examinatin 2021, Scheduled to be held on 29th Aug, 2021 (Sunday).

Kindly refer to the calendar of Departmental Examination to be held in the year 2021, circulated vide this office letter no. Rectt/M-12/Examination calendar/2019/6 dated 15.03.2021. The PO RMS Accountant Examination is scheduled to be held on 29th August 2021 (Sunday).

2. Last date of submission of application by the candidates is fixed by 09.08.2021 and the date of which Head of Division are required to send all the applications duly recommended to their Regional Offices latest by 11.08.2021. The Heads of Ghaziabad Division and RMS SH dn Saharanpur are required to send all the applications duly recommended to Circle office, latest by 11.08.2021. If the report is nil, the same should be sent for ensuring proper accounting. The vacancy position of PO RMS Accountant examination for the year ending up 2021 may be intimated immediately in the following format.

Name of RegionSanctioned StrengthWorking StrengthNo. of VacancyNo. of surplus candidates

3. Eligibility conditions are laid down under rule 273 of P&T Manual IV, the period of continuous. service of three years also includes period spent in training immediately before appointment. The candidates who have not been confirmed in PA cadre till date, they may be permitted to appear in the examination provisionally strictly with appropriate remarks.

4. In case of direct recruits, three years service will be determined with regards the last date fixed for receipt of applications i.e. 09.08.2021 and in case of Departmental candidates 1st july immediately preceding the last date fixed for receipt of applications i.e. 01.07.2021.

4.1 The Candidates who fulfill the prescribed conditions of eligibility as per rule 273 (a) (i) and (a) (ii) of P&T Manual IV as amended from time to time may submit their applications in prescribed application form along with two copies of their passport size photographs duly attested by the controlling officer to the head of Divisions/Units concerned in time.

5. As per clarification received from Directorate vide letter no. 8-1/2016-SPB-II dated 19.02.2019, It would not be in fitness of things that LSG officials are allowed to appear in PO RMS Accountant Examination. Therefore, LSG officials are not eligible for appearing in PO RMS Accountant examination.

6. The Regional Office/Divisional Heads, will thoroughly examine of each application and permit the candidates who are eligible to appear in the examination . The Roll no. should also be allotted to the candidates who are permitted to appear in the examination by prefixing the following word before roll number. The word R shall also be added in respect of RMS candidates after the last word. the Word ‘Prov’ should also be written after the Roll number is r/o candidates who were provisionally permitted to appear in examination. No. of chances already availed by the candidate may be checked properly.

Name of RegionWord Prefixed before Roll No.
RMS SH dn SaharanpurUPSH(R)

7. The regional Offices/SSPOs Ghaziabad/SRM SH dn Saharanpur/ Other offices will forward the list of candidates who were permitted in their Regions/Division/Unit along with their Roll Numbers for information to the undersigned in following proforma strictly latest by 13.08.2021 in hard copy as well as soft copy at email rectt.up@indiapost.gov.in. keeping in view of seniority position of PA/SA as per up to date circle/Division gradation list of such officials.

Si no.Roll No.Name of CandidateName of Division/UnitDate of Entry in govt ServiceDate from which continuously working in PA/SA CadreCommunityChances already availedRemarkDesignation

8. Applications received after the prescribed date i.e. 09.08.2021 need not be sent to their regional offices at all. The contents of this letter along with the copy of the application from may be circulated to all concerned. Any application not submitted in the prescribed form, not properly filled in by the candidate, not properly checked and verified by your office and after all not submitted in due time, is liable to be rejected at your end.

9. The Examination will be held according to the following time table:-

Si N.PaperDate and DateTiming
1.Paper -I (With Books)Sunday 29th August 202110.00 am to 01.00 pm
2.Paper – II (With Books)Sunday 29th August 202102.00 pm to 05.00 pm

This may kindly be brought into notice of all concerned including those who are on leave/deputation after doing needful.

This is with approval of the competent authority.

VK Gupta

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