GDS COVID 19 Absence Period Regularization – Orders issued by DOP


Regularization of the period of absence from duty in r/o Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) during CIVID-19 pandemic periods Order No. 17-13/2021-GDS issued by Directorate DOP on dated 29.07.2021.

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001
Dated 29th July 2021


  1. All Chief Postmaster General
  2. Chief General Manager, Business Development and Parcel/PLI Directorate
  3. Director RAKNPA/CGM CEPT/Director , All Postal Training Centres.

Subject :- Regularization of the period of absence from duty in r/o Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) during COVID-19 pandemic periods.


This Department is in receipt of various references regarding regularization of the period of absence of Gramin Dak sevaks (GDS) of Department of Posts during lock down / Quarantine Period, etc. The matter has been considered and with the approval of the competent authority, following orders are issued.

(a) Period of absence due to restrictions on movement and travel imposed by the Central Government, State/UT Government, District authorities, local authorities, residential society etc. and due to residential area concerned notified as containment zone and due to suspension of public transport due to which the GDS not able to attend office – Shall be treated as duty for all purpose.

(b) Period of quarantine/isolation, as prescribed by the authority from time to time, on coming into contact with COVID positive person while in office or while carrying out official duty or while at place of residence – to be treated as duty for all purpose.

(c) In case of a GDS getting infected with COVID, a provision of paid leave on contracting COVID up to 30 days is provided for. The Period of Absence due to GDS contracting COVID-19 – Sanction of paid leave up to 30 days would be regulated as following :-

  1. Sanction of Paid leave at credit of GDS.
  2. Sanction of Emergency leave at credit of GDS.
  3. Sanction of paid leave/emergency leave which is not yet due and which shall be credited in leave account of GDS subsequent half yearly periods.

Total paid leave sanctioned as per (1)(2) and (3) above shall not exceed 30 days.

(d) In cases where the period left with the GDS before he/she is discharged on attaining 65 years of age is less than two years, he/she shall be able to avail paid leave/emergency not yet due only to the extent of leave expected to be credited in his/her account till his/her attaining 65 years of age.

(e) in cases where the GDS who has availed paid leave/emergency leave not yet due get discharged before the leave availed are adjusted against the future entitlement of leave, recovery from his/her Severance/Gratuity may be made. As per GDS who have not completed 10 years of engagement period and thus not entitlement for Severance Gratuity, will have to deposit amount equivalent to the leave not adjusted before discharge.

(f) Following undertaking shall be obtained by the leave sanctioning authority where paid leave/emergency leave not yet due is sanctioned :-


” I undertake to return to the Department the amount of paid leave/emergency leave sanctioned to me in accordance with Dte. O.M. No. Dated and which is in excess of the paid leave/emergency leave which is credited in my leave account till my date of Discharge.”

Name :

2. The leave sanctioning authority accordingly after satisfying himself/herself shall issue appropriate orders.

3. In case the GDS concerned is not satisfied with the decision of leave sanctioning authority , he/she may represent to next higher authority. The next Higher authority will decide the representation within 15 days of receipt.

4. These orders shall cover all the period of absence of GDS due to COVID-19 related circumstances since imposition of first lock down 24.03.2020 and shall remain in force till end of COVID19 pandemic declaration by Government Authorities.

Yours Faithfully
Tarun Mittal

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