DOP Order – Regularization Of Absence During COVID-19 Pandemic Period


Regularization of absence during COVID-19 pandemic period: Department of Posts Order dated 09.07.2021

File No: X-20/42/2020-SPN-II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan , Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110 001
July 09th, 2021


All Head of Circles
Chief General Manager, BD / Parcel /PLI Directorate / CEPT
Director, RAKNPA / Director, All Postal Training Centres

Subject: Regularization of absence during COVID – 19 pandemic period.

Madam / Sir,

Instructions for regularisation of absence of officers / officials of Department of Posts during lock-down / quarantine period, etc have been issued vide letter no. X-20/42/2021-SPN­-II dated 24.05.2021.

2. Taking into consideration the instructions issued by Department of Personnel and Training, vide O.M. No. 13020/ 112019-Estt.(L) dated 07.06.202, matter has been reviewed and the Competent Authority has decided to revise the instructions issued vide aforesaid letter dated 24.05.2021, as under :-

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Sl NoIssueDecision
a.Period of quarantine isolation as prescribed by authority from time to time on coming into contact with a Covid positive person while  in office or while carrying out official duty or while on official tour transfer deputationPeriod  mentioned  in  (a),  (b)  and  (c)  shall  be treated as duty for all purposes.
b.Period of absence due to restrictions on movement and travel imposed by he Central Government, State/ UT Govt/ District authorities, local authorities, residential society etc. and due to residential area concerned notified as containment zone and due to suspension of public transport due to which the employee is not able to attend office or return to his/her headquarters after availing sanctioned leave/ sanctioned LTC, permitted to eave HQ / official  tour transfer  deputationsame as above
c.All the period during  which  the employee worked from  home  as  per the orders of controlling / competent authority.same as above
d.Period of quarantine isolation as prescribed by authority on return to   headquarters    from    leave,  LTC, personal travel.Period mentioned in (d), and (e) shall be regularised by sanction of leave applied for to the extent due and admissible.
e.Period of absence due to quarantine / isolation/ restrictions on movement / travel etc. while away from HQ unauthorized.same as above
f.Period of absence due to the official / officer is COVID positive and is in home isolation / quarantine but not hospitalized.(i) Shall be granted commuted leave of 20 days, if due and admissible, on production of his COVID positive report.(ii) If commuted leave is not available, Special Casual Leave (SCL) for 15 days shall be granted, followed by Earned Level (EL) or Half Pay Leave (HPL) of 5 days and, in case EL and HPL is not available, Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) shall be given without insisting on production of medical certificate, and the period shall also be counted for qualifying service.
g.Period of absence due to the official / officer is COVID positive and is in home isolation / quarantine / hospitalized.(i) Shall be granted commuted leave/SCL/EL for a period upto  20 days starting from the time having tested COVID positive, if the period of home quarantine / discharge from hospital falls within 20 days, as per Sl. No. f above.
(ii) In case of hospitalization beyond 20th day from testing COVID positive, commuted leave shall be granted, on production of documentary proof of hospitalization.
(iii) If, however, after discharge from the hospital, the officer / official is required to remain at home for post-COVID recovery, leave of any kind due and admissible may be granted, with the approval of the concerned Competent authority, as per the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, It is only when commuted leave is not available that SCL of 15 days or EL or EOL shall be considered.
h.When a dependent family member of an official / officer is COVID positive, or parents whether dependent or not but living with the official / officer is COVID positive(i) Shall be granted 15 days SCL on production of COVID-positive report of dependent family member/ parent.
(ii) In case of active hospitalization of any of the family  member/parents even after 15 days of expiry of SCL, leave of any kind due and admissible beyond 15 days of SCL may be granted till their discharge from hospital. After discharge from hospital of the dependent family member / parents, if the official / officer wish to avail further leave, leave due and admissible shall be considered as per the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, subject to functional requirements and sanction of leave by the Competent Authority. The Competent Authority is advised to take a liberal view in such cases and its decision in the matter shall be final.

3. These orders shall cover all the period of absence of an official / officer since imposition of first lockdown i.e. 24.03.2020 and shall be in force till further orders.

4. Past cases, wherever settled, shall be re-opened if the official / officer makes a request in writing for review, if such a review is beneficial to the official / officer. In case of deceased official / officer, leave sanctioning authority shall suo motu undertake the review if such a review is beneficial to the deceased official / officer.

5. Aforesaid letter no. X-20/42/2021-SPN-II dated 24.05.2021 stands revised to the extent stated herein above.

Yours faithfully,

(Muthuraman C)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

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