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Latest Attendance order of Department of Posts

Latest Attendance and working days order in Department of Posts Order no. AD-91/18/2020-Admin Dated 25 June 2021

The undersigned is directed to refer to DoP&T O.M. dated 14.06.2021, while inter alia States that all the government servants at the level of under secretary and above to attend Office on all working days and below the level of under secretary, 50% shall attend the office and remaining 50% to work from home. To avoid over crowding in the offices, the staggered timings (as indicated in said OM) be followed strictly. Late comers be handled as per extent rules.

2. In this regard, it has been decided that all the divisions shall strictly follow the guidelines stated in aforementioned order, in addition, it has been decided that Divisional head/Controlling Authority of the Division may ask requisition of adequate number of staff in the postal directorate due to exigency of work.

3. Further, all the Divisional heads/controlling officers, shall issue instructions to staff under their control, in lines with DoP&T OM dated 14.06.2021, and ensure maintenance of physical Attendance register which may be called for inspection by higher authorities.

4. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

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