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DO letter stands for Demi Official letter. It is used in correspondence between government officers to draw personal attention of the addressee officer.

To whom?

Do letter Addressed to the officers of the same rank of the addressee being not more than one or to levels above the officer who is writing. But, it is also written to junior and senior officers depending upon the need. To a non-official for an
inter change or communication of information or opinion without the formality of prescribed procedure.

How it should be written?

  1. Similar to the letter, government emblem on the top center of the page or the words “Government of Andhra Pradesh” typed in capitals.
  2. The name, designation of the sender on the left hand side top corner just below the emblem of the government to be typed. (Generally you will be finding printed D.O.letter formats of the officer in the office and will help you in this regard)
  3. The department name, address of office and telephone number of signatory must be mentioned in the left side top opposite to the name and designation.
  4. The address entry of the person to whom it is intended is indicated at the left hand side bottom after the body of the DO letter.
  5. Then it must commence with salutation. Unlike in the letter here different salutations are used. Depending upon the level of the officer to whom it is addressed the following salutations be used:

For Senior level officers : Dear Sir/Madam
For Equal level officers : Dear Sri./Smt (here the name of the officer in his own handwriting be given)
For junior level officers : My Dear (here the name of the officer in own hand writing be given)

One of the best D.O. letter examples here ,You can check it from the below image.

DO Letter - Full form
Sample of DO Letter

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