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Children Educational Allowance Assistance : Article from Sri. K.V.Sridharan

CEA Annual Limit                Rs. 2250 per month per child
CEA per disabled children Rs. 4500 per month per child
Hostel subsidy                               Rs. 6750 per month per child
Hostel subsidy for disabled            Rs. 13,500 per month per child.


  • If one of three children are mentally retarded and unable to attend school, CEA is entitled to third children.
  • Examination Fees will also be reimbursable.
  • Cost of Books/dress is reimbursable.
  • Hostel subsidy is admissible if Govt. servant keeps his children in a hostel/a residential school beyond 50 kms. distance from his residence.
  • CEA & Hostel subsidy cannot be claimed concurrently.
  • Hostel subsidy is reimbursable irrespective of any transfer liabilities.
  • CEA is admissible for more than two children as a result of second child birth resulting in twins or multiple births.
  • No minimum age for any child for claiming CEA/Hostel subsidy.
  • Maximum age 20 years; disabled child 22 years
  • CEA will be paid once in a year after the completion of the academic year.
  • CEA is reimbursable for first two years of Diploma course in polytechnic after passing 10th std.
  • Whatever be the amount spent for Children education either excess or short the amount fixed will be reimbursed.
  • Submission of original bills/receipts or certificate is compulsory for CEA. Certificate/bill is self-attested,
  • Physically/Mentally handicapped children are entitled CEA up to age of 22 years.
  • Entitled during suspension also; but not during dies no
  • If discharged or retired on superannuation CEA is allowed for the whole academic year.
  • In case of death or dismissal only up to that month.

Thanks to Mr. K.V.Sridharan, Ex General Secretary, AIPEU Group C

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