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Recently while interacting the divisional secretaries on staff-oriented issues, we felt alarmingly shocked that they are unaware of many important factors. The service book of an official is not a secret one and the officials are having the right to inspect the entries made in the service book periodically. How many of us are verifying the entries made in the service book?

Now as per the amendment, all officials shall be supplied with a copy of the duplicate service book and every year in the month of January the same shall be produced for updating.

The Reservation roster is also not a secret one. The trade unions can verify the roster point maintenance every year. Are we doing this?

The entries made in the APAR should be circulated to the officials every year before July. The officer who failed to write APAR within the year is not empowered to write APAR later. It should be written before 31st July and circulated. Are we checking all these? The divisional heads even after the lapse of the prescribed period are making entries in the APAR and not circulating to the officials. The retired officers can write the APAR within one month after the retirement. Thereafter he seizes to write the same. But it happened at Vridhachalam now.

Whenever any official is called for police interrogation, departmental officers should also be deputed and remain there till its completion. All these are not practically adhered in many places. The observance of station tenure to the officers at the maximum of six years including the cadre of ASPOs in one division has not at all cared by the circle administration.

The officials completed tenure has been entitled to travelling allowance as well as joining time. In many places, the TA is denied in the name of at the request, conveniently, brushing aside the department’s order. In rotational transfers, there are many deviations. For countering all these irregularities, the union activists must have a thorough knowledge on staff rulings.

Apart from possessing the adequate knowledge on staff rulings, the union activists must acquire knowledge on basic disciplinary rulings to protect innocent employees. They should acquire the drafting capacity by citing various rules for which a complete study of rulings is a must.

They should have a piece of basic knowledge on disciplinary rulings. If anyone gets interesting in disciplinary rules, they will swim and enjoy because the arena is like an ocean. At the initial stage one may get bored in reading and after reading again and again, he will be interested and become a master in the subject. It is our immediate and dire need to create more creamy defence assistances in all the divisions to provide assistance to the ill-fated affected officials.

This is another area we are not concentrating sincerely. Many innocents are being punished under contributory negligence factors for no fault of them. The bureaucracy usually acts in an inhuman way to recover the loss though they have powers to write off the loss. For instance, the Director of Postal Services has the power to write off any excess payments in Savings Accounts and there is no monetary limit.

The problem with the present staff is that they don’t want to familiarize with necessary rules of the Branch where they work. In spite of their superior academic qualifications, the present staff’s knowledge in departmental ruling is dismal and so the Administration is able to capitalize on the lack of knowledge and impose punishment of recovery without much difficulty.

Thanks to Mr. K.V.Sridharan

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