The first virtual meeting of the Delhi Circle Welfare Board was held on 10-05-2021 at 1230 hrs under the chairmanship of Sh. Harpreet Singh PMG M&BD), Delhi Circle holding the charge of Chief Postmaster General, Delhi Circle. The following Officers, office bearers and
members of the Board were present in the meeting.


No. Welfare/29-17/2021-2022 Dated: 11.05.2021

The first virtual meeting of the Delhi Circle Welfare Board was held on 10-05-2021 at 1230 hrs under the chairmanship of Sh. Harpreet Singh PMG M&BD), Delhi Circle holding the charge of Chief Postmaster General, Delhi Circle. The following Officers, office bearers and members of the Board were present in the meeting.

1) Sh Harpreet Singh, PMG (M8&BD), Circle Office
2) Sh Akhilesh Pandey, Vice President, Delhi Circle Welfare Board Circle Office & PMG (O) Circle Office.
3) Sh. Dushyant Mudgal, Nominated Member, Delhi Circle Welfare Board & DPS (O) Circle Office.
4) Sh Umesh Kumar, Secretary, Delhi Circle Welfare Board & AD(PO), Delhi Circle
5) Sh Ajay Shankar Aggarwal, Treasurer, Delhi Circle Welfare Board & AAO, Delhi Circle
6) Sh. Arvind Kumar, ASP(Philately), Delhi Circle
7) Ms Pankaja Pattabiraman, AO, O/o the GM (Finance)
8) Sh Anil, SA, HRO(A/Cs), New Delhi Sorting Division, ND-110001
9) Ms. Gurkiran Kaur Welfare Inspector, Circle Office
10) Sh Hitesh Kumar PA &MMS, Naraina ND-110028
11) Sh Jyoti Bhardwaj, SA, AMPC, ND-110037
12) Sh Rajesh Kumar, PA, Delhi GPO, Delhi -110006
13) Ms Ritu Punn, IP, Delhi East Division, All India Association of IPs and ASPs, Delhi Circle
14) Sh K.P Singh, MMS, Delhi -110023(NFPE)
15) Sh V.K Pankai, PA, Gircle Office (All India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union
16) Sh DK Sharma, SA, Delhi Sorting Division(BPEF)

2. In the beginning DPS (0& HQ), Delhi Circle informed the members about present condition of COVID-19 cases in Delhi Circle. There are total 427 COVID-19 cases as on 07.05.2021, out of which 5 are hospitalized and 13 employees (including ODPs) of Delhi Circle died due to COVID- 19 since 15.3.2021 i.e. during the second wave. Last year in 2020 during the pandemic 7 employees (including ODP) lost their lives due to COVID-19. The action taken by to contain the
spread of COVID-19 such as implementation of roster system, sanitization & fumigation in office premises, adhering of COVID-19 appropriate behavior, Delhi Postal Circle ambulance service etc. were briefed during the meeting.

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3. A great initiative of Delhi Circle i.e. the ambulance service for the employees that is being started was also discussed. It is evident to mention that these ambulance is being run by ODPs who are being paid on daily wages.

4. PMG(O) , Vice president of the welfare board discussing rostering of post offices and deploying only need based staff in post offices due to negligible footfalls due to current lockdown situation . He paid tribute to departed souls and said no compensation is enough to such loss to the family , but circle should do its bit as an immediate relief to the deceased family as part of welfare.

5. PMG (Mails and BD) and chairperson of the meeting highlighted that the CPMG also shown her prime concern as safety of staffs and she is of opinion that immediate relief should be given to deceased family as they lost their life in the service of the nation. He has also paid tribute to the departed souls and emphasized to discuss various relief options available and to be finalized during the meeting.

6. During the meeting, the following agenda points were discussed in detail:
i. Review of the Delhi Circle Relief Fund.
II. Financial assistance to the employees (Departmental/GDS/ODP) of Rs. 2 lakhs in case of demise due to COVID-19 (as of now 13 cases). Past cases to be considered or not.
iii. Voluntary contribution by the employees (Departmental/GDS/ODP) in Delhi Circle Relief Fund.
iv. Special allowanceRs. 500/- Pper day to the drivers (ODPs) of ambulance being operated by Delhi Postal Circle.
v. Any other agenda with the permission chair.

  1. After detail deliberations, the Delhi Circle Welfare Board has unanimously decided the following purpose:
    1. The DCRF (Delhi Circle Relief fund) account was discussed and the members were given the clear picture of the balance available in the account and suggestions were asked for how this amount can be utilized for welfare of the needy and the officers/officials who unfortunately lost their lives due to COVID -19. An amount of Rs. 66 lakhs are available in current account of Delhi Circle Relief Fund and that can be utilized for the purpose. The
    Fixed Deposit of Rs. 44 Lakhs and Rs. 16 lakhs will be matured in coming period and that fund may also be utilized for the welfare of the employees.
    2. Financial assistance of Rs. 300000/- (Rs. Three Lakh only) would be provided to the family of the deceased employees who succumbed to COVID-19. Out of this, Rs 2,00,000/- would be provided as immediate relief (through cheque) and rest Rs. 1,00,000/- will be invested in any of the SB schemes available in PO with the aim of securing the future of the family. Any of the scheme may be opted by the claimant keeping in the view their requirements.
    3. It was decided to circulate the appeal for voluntary contribution from the employees of Delhi Circle for providing the financial assistance to the needy in this scenario. The circular may be circulated via email or Whatsapp groups with the details of the Delhi Circle Relief Fund account so that the contributions can be made in the account.

    4 .An allowance to the drivers (ODP) of Rs.1 000/- per day in addition to wages will be paid from Delhi Circle Relief Funds as a token of appreciation for operating the ambulance by risking their lives during the pandemic.
    5. The ambulance by risking their lives during the pandemic The ambulance will be well equipped with the required infrastructure by Sr. Manager, MMS and funds available at DCRF will be utilized.
    6.All the HOUs (Postal/RMS) will procure Oxygen Concentrator for their respective unit keeping in view of the quality and performance of the product. one oxygen concentrator may be purchased for Circle office by Welfare Section. The funds available under the head of account Office Expenses (OE)/ Other Charges (OC) may be utilized for the purpose.

    Copy to:
    1.Sr. PS to CPMG, Delhi Circle
    2. PS to PMG (M&.BD/ PMG (O), Delhi Circle
    3.PS to DPS (O &HQ/ DPSs (M&BD), Delhi Circle
    4.All members of Delhi Circle Welfare Board
    5.GM (Finance )
    6.All HoUs (Postal/RMS), Delhi Postal Circle
    9.All Group Officers, O/o CPMG, Delhi Circle

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