How to update cost center for single / bulk user in SAP HR | Relation Bulk Upload

Dear Circle SPOCs, Please find attached the SOP for ‘Cost centre’ updation for multiple users through bulk upload programme. ZHR_UPD_RELATIONS is the Transaction code for executing the bulk upload and the DDOs are authorized to access this T-code.

Please revert in case of any issues

Cost center updation for single user Tcode: PO13

1. Enter the post id and click on “Enter” button. You will get the below screen:

2. Select the infotype IT1001(Relationships) and maintain A011 relation for cost center as showing in the given below screen:

  • Click on save button and record will be created.

Cost center updation for multiple users:

Use the transaction code ZHR_UPD_RELATIONS and screen will be showing as given below:

Select the type of relation i.e. Cost Center for Post (A011), upload the File and click on execute button.Now create an excel file with the following columns:

Upload the above format file and click execute button. Cost center will get updated for multiple employees.

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