Functioning of POs & timings in the Circle – Telangana Circle Order dated 12th May 2021

Department of Posts India
Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Telangana Circle , Hyderabad – 500001

No. ST/COVID-19/2021/Instructions dated at Hyderabad-500001 12.05.2021

Postmaster General
HQ Region/Hyderabad Region

Sub:Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 -Reg.
Ref : This office Letter no. ST/COVID-19/2020/VOL-III dated 11.05.2021

In continuation of this office letter cited under reference , the competent authority has issued the following instructions to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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  1. The Post office counter timings fixed from 08.00 hours to 12.00 hours in respect of HOs/Bigger office and 08.00 hours to 10.00 hours in respect to other offices.
  2. Delivery may be continued as per the existing odd/even beats system.
  3. Minimum required staff to be arranged for managing offices by combined branches , if necessary.
  4. BOs will be function as usual as per the requirement.
  5. Existing IQs at banjara hills may be utilized for COVID quarantine centre initially, If there is a demand , the vacant quarters at Banjara hills may also be utilized , providing the necessary items like bed, basic utensils , Bathroom and toilets kits as provided in IQs.
  6. For purchase the oxygen concentrators for use the staff in need of emergency, Hyderabad region may process independently for the divisions on need basis . The expenditure may be met out of welfare / PRF funds.
  7. The SSRMs may be directed to examine the conversion of one MMS vehicle to ambulance will all equipment for use the staff in need of emergency hospitalization in Hyderabad.

Astt. Director (staff)
o/o CPMG Telangana Circle Hyderbad – 500001

Copy to
1. The DAP(P) , Hyderabad -01
2. All Group Officers in Circle office.
3. The Circle Secretary NFPE/FNPO Telangana Circle B1 P&T Quarters.
4. The Circle Secretary, Bhartiya Postal Employees Association , LIC Division PO.

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