DO letter to CPMGs Regarding process of papers of payment of pension and benifits on war footing – COVID19 | Dated 07 may 2021

Dear Chief PMGs

In the current difficult time when we have lost several of our colleagues accross the circles, I would like to request Your support for the following:-

2. Many Employees (including officers) who have lost their lives are the sole bread winner of their families. In the midst of the trauma, loss of any income at the end of the coming month would put the families into great detail difficulties and suffering.

3. I therefore , Request each one of you to process the papers for payment of pension , terminal benefits etc on a war footing. A special cell may be formed in DAP and HPOs (ACs branch) to process it in respect of Departmental officials and GDSs expeditiously. Once the required documents ( Death Certificate , bank details etc) are received the payment could be done seamlessly. The key here is to begin processing the Payments without waiting for any documents from the family. Once are required documents are recieved then payments could be made without any loss of time. Whenever possible, assistance may be rendered to the family for getting death certificate, legal heirship certificate etc. From the concerned authorities.

4. If we could target to process as many cases as possible so that the family gets the pension / other payments by 31.05.2021. it will be the best homage we could pay to our colleagues, who are no more with us.

I seek your whole hearted cooperation

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