Benefits and Eligibility condition in passing of AAO Exam

What are the benefits in passing AAO Examination?

1. AAO cadre is All India Cadre containing various postings in
and Telecom Services. 2. AAO Passed candidates will be posted in Level 8 (Grade Pay : Rs. 4,800/-) Equivalent to ASP cadre with starting Pay of Rs. 47,600/-.
3. Quick promotion is available from AAO to AO and from AO to Sr. AO.


1. The candidate must possess a Bachelors degree.
2. Qualifying service Level Old Grade Pay Regular service.
Level 1 Rs. 1,800/- 14 years
Level 2 Rs. 1,900/- 13 years.
Level 3 Rs. 2,000/- 11 years.
Level 4 Rs. 2,400/- 9 years.
Level 5 Rs. 2,800/- 7 years.
Level 6 Rs. 4,200/- 4 years.

The word “Regular service” is total departmental service. 3. The present AAO Examination is a competitive examination. The candidates are selected on the basis of merit .
4. Group “C” officials are only eligible to appear in the AAO Examination. Hence HSG- II , HSG-I , IPs and ASPs are not eligible to appear in the AAO Examination.

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