TMS SOP for Fleet Management, Vehicle Scheduling & Maintenance with Reports

Standard Operating Procedure – Transport management System (TMS)

  • To find out the facility ID of MMS unit:
  • Tcode “ZFID” to be executed in SAP main screen as shown below
  • Enter the facility type as “MM” and enter facility of circle office in reporting circle column to fetch the facility ID of all MMS units in respective circle.
  • Facility ID of all the MMS units in circle will be displayed, for any MMS unit facility ID is not created, request needs to be sent to CEPT along with facility master template available in employee corner of India Post Site for creation of the same.
  • Fleet management
    Registering of Vehicles and Fuel stations
    All Vehicles available in DOP fleet (DOP Own vehicles & Contractual vehicles) and Fuel stations have to be registered into the system. Registration means entering all details of the vehicles/ Fuel stations.
    General details, Vehicle details, Vehicle technical details have to be entered for all vehicles.
    Organizational data need to be entered only for departmental vehicles.
    Measuring points and their Measuring documents are to be configured for all vehicles and Fuel stations. Examples of the measuring points are:-
    • ODO meter reading of vehicles
    • Fuel top up reading of vehicles
    • Fuels pump reading of Fuel stations.
    Procedure for Registering DoP Vehicles/ Fuel stations
    IE31 – Create the Fleet object.
    IE32- For changing the details of existing fleet object.
    IE33- For Displaying existing the Fleet object.
    1. Login to ECP  Execute Tcode “IE31”.
    2. Provide Vehicle registration number as Equipment ID.
    3. Enter Validity of the vehicle.
    4. Select Vehicle type as: CV – Commercial Vehicle, PV- Passenger Vehicle, FS- Fuel Station, OFS- Outside fuel station.
    5. Select Equipment Category as: O – Own Vehicle, C – Contract Vehicle, F-Fuel station, M- Machine etc..
    6. Inputs under ‘’reference’’ frame is for copying data from an already available equipment
  • Enter the General details of vehicle as shown in below screens.
  • Enter the Organization data of the vehicle
  • Enter the vehicle details and vehicle technical details of the vehicle
  • Procedure for creation of Measuring points & Measuring Documents.
    IK01 – Creating measuring point.
    IK02 – Changing measuring point.
    IK03- Displaying measuring point

    Creating Measuring Point for ODO Meter Reading

    1. Execute the transaction IK01.
    2. Enter the ‘IEQ’ in MeasPointObjectfield (Other values are buildings/ rental unit /Functional locations).
    3. Enter vehicle registration number in Equipment field.
    4. Enter the ‘M’ in MeasPtCategory field. (other inputs condition based maintenance / General).
    5. Check the MeasPoint in Counter Check Box
    6. Enter description details and characteristic details as kilometre as shown in below screens.
    7. After successful data entry of all the fields mentioned above, click on save option. Measuring point is successfully created.
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