Request to stop Aadhar and Bio-metric based work in Maharashtra Circle-reg : SG FNPO letter to Directorate


Sub: Request to stop aadhar and biometric based work in Maharashtra Circle- reg

The circle secretary of NAPE group C of Maharashtra Circle vide his letter NAPE/COVID-19/aadharsuspension dated 22.03.2021 Mumbai dated 22.03.2021 has requested the CPMG maharastra circle to immediately stop the aadhar work and all biometric based work due to sudden spurt in COVID Cases. The copy of the letter is enclosed.

It is said that there is second wave of COVID19 in Maharashtra state and every day there is alarming increase in COVID Cases. The government of Maharashtra has imposed many restrictions and night curfew has been imposed. Under the circumstances to carry out aadhar work will be threat to the lives of Postal Staff.

There is every possibility that the persons engaged in such works could easily be infected and also such Officials may be potent mode of spreading the deadly virus. Therefore, it is requested to issues suitable directions to the CPMG maharastra circle to suspend Aadhar and all biometric based works till the threat of the virus is receded.

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