Completion Certificate of Inspection of Post Offices


Subject : Inspection of Administrative and Operative Offices – completion

A certificate to the effect that all the inspections allotted for the year 2020 have been completed by the inspecting authorities of the circle and Inspection reports thereupon have also been issued by all units in the circle, was due to be submitted by all Heads of the circles by 28th/29th of February 2021 in accordance with dte. Letter no. 17-01/2018 – inspen. Dated 05.10.2018.

2. Consequent upon a one time carry forward window of 10% of the total inspections ( Administrative and Operative) of 4tg quarter of 2020 to 1st quarter of 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic ( Dte. Letter 10-01/2020 – Inspen dated 26.05.2020 and Dte. Letter 10-01/2020(pt.) Dated 15.12.2020 refers ) the competent authority has decided that the due date for submission of the prescribed certificate for the year 2020,will be 30th of April 2021.

3. Therefore , the undersigned is directed to Request all circles to send the required certificate by 30.04.2021 by email.

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