Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models for Postman Mobile App (PMA


Subject: Bring your own device(BYOD) model for Postman Mobile App( PMA) – reg.

This has reference to various communications received from Circles regarding non- working of 15014 devices purchased/supplied for the deployment of Postman Mobile application (PMA). It is observed that due to rapid development of in Mobile technology, rugged use of mobile devices by field staff, daily wear and tear, decrease in responsiveness and battery life from day to day use, the average life of a mobile approximately 3 years and afterwords the devices need upgrade/repair/replacement.

2. Replenishment of Mobile Devices every 2-3 years as well as handling the loss- damage of Mobile devices may turn out to be costly and unsustainable for the Department in the long run. In view of it. Mail division is proposing to start the initiative i.e. bring your own device (BYOD) as a substitute for direct procurement of smartphones by the Department.

2.1 In “bring your own device” (BYOD) model , the postmen/ Delivery staff may use their personal mobile device for the Delivery of articles through PMA. The Postmen/Delivery staff may be suitably incentivized accordingly for using their own device for official purpose. It would reduce financial burden on the Department for frequent replacement of these handsets.

2.2 The Postman Mobile Application ( PMA) does not require a mobile device with very high configuration and can work efficiently even on basic smartphones. Furthermore , it would bring ease of use for the Postmen/Delivery staff as the Delivery has to be made using their own device and there will be no need to carry an extra mobile device. The introduction of Incentives may also motivate the field staff to use PMA even more.

3. In view of above, it is requested to analyze the BYOD concept /model in terms of its feasibility, suggestion for payment of Incentive amount to the Postmen, mode of Incentive payment, etc. And other furnish feedback/inputs/suggestions in the matter at by 05.04.2021.

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