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Agitation Programme by NAPE GDS on 24.03.2021

Charter of Demands

  • To implement the recommendation of kamlesh Chndra Committee that GDS Employees should be granted 2 annual additional increments on completion of 12,24,36 years of service.
  • To implement one lakh rupees annual health insurance scheme to GDS Employees and family members.
  • To implement the recommendation of Kamlesh Chandra Committee to allow accumulation of 180 days leave and pay cash equivalent to the leave at credit at the time of discharge.
  • To permit GDS Employees to engage substitutes in emergency leave, and to grant TRCA for such substitute by the Department.
  • To issue indentity card to all GDS employees.
  • While notifying GDS vacancies , the Posts is to be filled up on Request Transfer may be considered first and then only other vacancies notified.
  • Severance amount should be paid minimum rs 150000 to all GDS Employees who opted for SDBS and discharged or died.
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