Could not get response from Server for newly opened SSA/PPF – Solution


While Accepting Subscription/Deposit for Minor new SSA or PPF schemes in Post Office, Error showing as Could not get response from Server.

What might be the reason?
Only reason is common Guardian CIF used while opening of new SSA/PPF Account.
How this happened & Is this correct procedure?
In many Offices, common CIF may be used by the counter PA for opening of SSA or PPF Account. This is not a correct method and this should be avoided. Avoid using of common CIF is safer and the common CIF should not be used at cause.

How to Open an Account for Minor operated by Self/Guardian?
Minor CIF should be opened with the Natural Guardian CIF Only for all mode of operation related to Minor. This CIF may be used for minor account.

How to overcome the said error?
Initial Deposit error for Minor SSA/PPF Account, could not get response from server.
Don’t try multiple times. Because multiple credits reflect in the concern account.

Invoke CMRC Menu
Enter CIF ID of the concern Minor
Change the natural Guardian CIF from common Guardian CIF
Verify the same using Supervisor ID
Now check the account ledger in HACLI.

Could not get response transaction will automatically posted into the concern Minor Account.
Note: If you tried to deposit multiple times, all the transactions will be reflected in the account after change the Guardian. So Please be careful while doing the initial deposit in Minor SSA or PPF Account.

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