Cheque book fee deduction from SB account – Patch Deployment

Dear Teams,

From today onwards in CBS offices, charges for issue of cheque book will be deducted automatically from SB account during HICHB verification. No fee will be collected for the first 10 leaves in a calendar year and thereafter will be charged at Rs. 2 per cheque leaf plus applicable GST (presently 18%).  Before deduction of charges, system will check for the number of cheques  issued during the current calendar year in Finacle.

If cheques have not been issued for the current calendar year and  cheque book with 20 leaves is  issued in HICHB for an account, an amount of 20 + 3.60 GST (Rs.23.60) will be deducted automatically from SB account during HICHB verification 

If 10 cheques were already issued during this calendar year,  if a cheque book with 20 leaves is  issued in HICHB, an amount of 40 + 7.20 GST (Rs.47.20) will be deducted automatically from SB account during HICHB verification.

With regards

Giriraj Ponnambalam
CBS Team Lead

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