Long Book issue reported – Patch deployed in finacle

Subject: Issues Reported in Long Book rectified – Patch deployed – Important

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am directed to convey the following

This is regarding deployment of patch for the issues reported in Long Book Detailed and Consolidated report.

The following issues which were reported in Long Book is fixed

Default fee collected in RD Agent list getting listed below bulk list.
Post maturity Interest for TD closure is reflected in Debit side in Longbook detailed report and consolidation
SBA products like SB,PPF,NSS, SSA – Interest on closed accounts (Current year interest) which is reflecting in Credit side is removed. Current year interest excluded in both the receipt and payment side.
KVN scheme code to be excluded like NS8,NSC9 and KVP. Only KVP16 and NSC16 accounts to be included.
Reflection of RD Rebate in receipt side
Removal of BO new account opening in BRN long book.
Removal of Agent commission transactions from Long Book
Removal of IPPB reversal Transactions.
Removal of HRMS transactions
Removal of TTUM transactions
Removal of Loan interest demand transaction
MIS Premature closure – Penal fee not included in long book consolidation
APY automatic transaction through SI is excluded from Long Book
SCSS Interest Closure shown in the Consolidation of NSC16 instead of SCSS

The above information may please be forwarded to all POs.

CPCs are requested to send us issues if any reported by POs as Consolidated report post deployment of this patch to us for solution.

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