FNPO Meeting with Secretary Department of Post & Member (P) held on 22 December 2020


A detailed discussion was held on 22nd December 2020 with Sri Bisoi, Secretary Department of Post, and Dr. Santosh Kumar Kamila, Member (P) at Dak Bhavan, Delhi on the topic presented on behalf of the FNPO. B.Shivakumar, SG, Sivaji Vasireddy, GS NAPE, Nisar Mujawar GS NUPE PM&MTS and PU Muralidharan, GS NUGDS participated.

1) Special leave should be sanctioned to employees who are positive.
– Some orders are expected from DOPT for all government employees on this issue, they were promised to issue orders soon.

2) Regarding payment of ex-gratia ₹ 10 lakh to the employee who died due to corona and giving job to his heirs
– Debt of Rs 10 lakh has not been sanctioned by the Finance Ministry.

3) For one time relaxation for HSG I and HSG II,
– Information has been requested from all the circles and once this information is received, a proposal will be sent to DOPT.
4) PA SA Recruitment Rules should be finalized,
– As NRA policy is being formulated by the government in this regard, no immediate action is expected in this regard.

5) All previous unfilled posts of Postman and MTS from 2014 onwards should be filled,
– The process of filling all the vacancies from 2018 onwards is underway, information will be sought from the Circle regarding the previous vacancies and a decision will be taken on this.

6) CGHS facility should be made cashless and at least 1 private hospital should be recognized in each division.
– DOPT rules are being followed and for cash less provision one letter will be addressed to Health Secretary.

7) The decision of the Supreme Court regarding the direct recruitment of Postman MTS 2015 in Maharashtra Circle should be accepted and joining should be given immediately.
– I have informed CPMG Maharashtra Circle to give joining to all the petitioners who have gone to the court in this case but the suspected candidates will be side lined.
8) Regarding recruitment of sports quota
– All the explanations have been received from DOPT and orders have been issued by the directorate on 23rd September 2020. Even if some action is expected from the circle, if no action is taken, the order will be issued again and the recruitment will be done.

9) GDS to Postman Employees should be paid postman for 10 days of postman training without paying GDS.
– The SPN department has given clear orders on 29th January 2019 and 19th October 2020 that first the postman should be present at the place and then the salary of the postman cadre should be paid whenever the training is done.

Also in the case of GDS the following was discussed

1) Kamlesh Chandra Committee’s salary increment order should be implemented from 1.1.2016,
– This issue will be investigated.

2) It was demanded that the condition of uniform pay level should be removed in case of transfer of GDS and the desired request of GDS should be transferred every three months.

– The court cannot accept the demand as the number of cases is increasing but after three months, it will be considered to transfer the desired request, it was said.

3) To give additional increment after 12/24/36 years of service, to give Combined Duty Allowance to Single Handed BPM and to keep 180 days leave balance,
– These three subjects are pending with the Ministry of Finance,

4) Regarding insuring GDS
– It was discussed but there is no consensus on OIC or ESI and ESI scheme is very costly for the department.

5) The amount of security bond is different in each place, it should be the same in all places
– will be informed and action will be taken,

The above discussion took place in a very cordial atmosphere.

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