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Guidelines for Preparing LOT in Finacle from 10.10.2020.

Today from 10.10.2020 our Finacle Reports Generation has been changed.
Very simple, That means we are abandoning the Scheme wise LOT and Consolidation Generation system before.

Now it is sufficient to print only two copies as Long Book *Consolidation Report -BRN (Today)* and *Long Book Consolidation Report-SDP (Today)*. One is OC and the other is HO copy.

First, Generate Long Book *Detailed Report* -BRN (Today) ( ~*Do not print*~ ).

Sort all Scheme Vouchers according to *Tans ID*.

1. Scheme wise Binder clip is no longer required. One Binder clip is enough for all Vouchers.

2. Counter Rough Book writing work is no more.

Long Book Consolidation Report-BRN (Today). It is enough to take Print.

3. A4 usage decreases and the duration for Report Generation and Printing decreases.

SB Counter Prepared only two bundles in total to be sent to HO / SBCO. HO / SO vouchers & reports are all one bundle and BO vouchers & reports are all another bundle

When bundling vouchers, be sure not to exceed 100 vouchers. For example, if you take only 250 vouchers for HO / SO per day, prepare three bundles and finally convert them into one bundle with long book consolidation.

If there are more than one Counters, arrange them all together according to the *Trans ID* order

If there is an Agent Bulk list then add a SB103 with a copy bulk list to the end of the Bundle

NSC / KVP Closure (If issued before 01.07.2017) – Discharge Journal should be printed

In case of NSC / KVP Bulk Closure write SB 103 from to serial number and total number and amount

See Report No.18 & 58 in HFINRPT for more details and find Long Book Consolidation Report-SDP (Today) & Long Book Detailed Report-SDP (Today)

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