Printing of LOT should not be done by post offices – Directorate

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts (FS Division)
Dak Bhawan New Delhi-110001
Dated: 25.08.2020.

The Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle,


Sub :- Regarding printing of LOTS by the Post Offices.

Ref  : Circle’s letter No. FS/SB/GenliDlgs/2018/KW-1 too— dated 04.08.2020
A reference is invited to the Circle’s letter cited above on As subject.

Scheme wise List of Transaction (LoT) is not to be printed by post offices as stipulated in SB Order 14/2015. SBCO will generate scheme wise List of Transaction (LoT) after receipt of vouchers born the post offices and do verification of vouchers with system generated LoT only. The same was further reiterated vide lener No. FS-67/1,2020-FS dated 25.06.2020.
It is emphasised that:
i. Printing of LOT has many avoidable cost components.
ii. Printing of LOT should not be done by post offices. The vouchers are to be verified by SBCO after generating LOT from Finacle MIS server only.
iii. LOT can be generated before or after the counter hours in case Finacle MIS server is slow during counter hours. iv. System improvement activity is already underway and the issues concerning the circle will be taken care of in coming weeks.
(Pawan Kumar Singh)
Printing of LOT

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