Important Instructions regarding CSC Operations.

  1. Never do “Voucher Posting” / “Utility Upload” in CSI manually
  2. Never reverse any “Document Number” generated for CSC transactions
  3. Make the Wallet Balance as “ZERO” at EOD by Reverting all Money available in wallet.
  4. Never do any transaction in CSC Digital seva portal after Office hours
  5. Never attempt to do any transaction on Sunday/Holidays. Even Wallet transactions also.
  6. Hand over counter cash to Treasurer after tallying the CSC counter collections.
  7. Generate DTR, ZFBL3N on next day morning & check transactions amount of previous date is reflected. If amount in ZFBL3N is less, check with manual register, wallet ledger, refund list and reconcile.
  8. CSC Operator IDs are mapped with CSI Facility IDs of identified Post Offices. Transactions done in CSC operator ID will be reflected in the Accounts of mapped Facility ID/Profit Centre only.
  9. While logging in to CSC Digital Seva Portal, please do not enable “Remember me” check-box option in the login page.
  10. Please do not share CSC ID, Password, Wallet PIN to anybody. Change PW/PIN frequently.
  11. It is mandatory to perform transactions under BBPS for keeping agent Id active on BBPS platform.

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