How to Transfer PPF account from Post office to Bank and vice versa.


PPF Account Transfer and verification Should be Done in Supervisor Logins only

Step By Step Procedure in Detail
PPF – Transfer Out (Bank)

  1. Invoke HINTTM menu from Postmaster login for zeroing of interest for the current financial year.
  2. In HINTTM, PPF account number to be entered; From date should be 01-04-YYYY(Current Year); Interest table code should be ‘Zero’.
  3. Verification has to be done by Supervisor.
  4. Closure has to be invoked using HCAAC menu from Supervisor login. Option ‘Transfer’ has to be selected and transfer account id should be Postmaster account (0340).
  5. Closure reason should be selected as ‘Transfer to Bank’.
  6. Closure has to be verified by Supervisor.

PPF – Transfer In (Bank)

  1. Create CIF ID if already not available.
  2. Use CPPFAO menu in PA login to open a new PPF account. Select the CIF ID and select the option TRANSFER and enter the old account number.
  3. Also enter the correct account open date and enter the maturity date (31-03-YYYY).
  4. Verify the account opening using CPPFAV menu in Supervisor login. Note down the account number.
  5. Before creating the text file, the date format of the system should be changed as mm/dd/yyyy.
  6. The text file has to be generated from the excel sheet. Excel sheet should contain all the transactions of the PPF account and the balance should be checked.
  7. The field ‘Financial Year End Balance Identifier’ should be selected as YES only for the last transaction of a financial year. For all other transactions, it should be selected as NO.
  8. The fields ‘Transaction Date’ / ‘Value Date’ should be in mm/dd/yyyy format only.
  9. Enter the account number created in Finacle and click on Generate File button to generate the text file. Excel template is attached with this mail.
  10. In Counter PA login, select HTRFTOUN menu. Select the text file generated. In ‘Destination Directory’ field, enter /dop
  11. The message ‘File uploaded successfully’ will be displayed.
  12. Then, select CTUPLD menu. Enter the account number and then enter the file name (enter as it is available). The message ‘Data uploaded successfully’ will be displayed.
  13. After this process, login as Supervisor and select CTPROC menu. Select ‘Verify’ and enter the account number. Transactions will be displayed. Click on SUBMIT.
  14. Again login as PA and select CTPROC menu. Select ‘Process’ and enter the account number. Transactions will be displayed. Click on SUBMIT. A screen showing the transaction id details will be displayed.
  15. Then, check the current year transactions in HACLI menu and previous year transactions in CTINQ menu.

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