Benefits of India Post – Internet Banking / Mobile Banking

India Post offers Internet Banking / Mobile banking services for Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) account holders. The following are the benefits of Internet / Mobile banking facility:
  1. RD and TD accounts can be opened and closed or pre-closed as per the existing POSB norms
  2. Customers themselves can make deposits in their RD, PPF, SSA accounts online. Fund Transfer can be scheduled once by selecting frequency type “Single” and multiple times by selecting frequency type as “Recurring” for PO savings bank accounts only. Deposits can be made from SB account to your own RD account, Repayment of RD half withdrawal, PPF account and Loan on PPF. 
  3. Account balance and details of all POSB schemes can be viewed. 
  4. Funds can be transferred from one POSB account to another POSB account either self-payee or third-party payee. 
  5. Additional features like Payment Gateway, Online Payment System etc are at various stages of development. 

Pre-requisites for availing India Post Internet banking services are

  • Valid Active Single or Joint “B” Savings account
  • Provide necessary KYC documents, if not already submitted
  • Valid unique mobile number
  • Email address
  • PAN number
Visit your home branch, fill the pre-printed application form and submit with required documents. Your DOP internet banking will get activated from next working day.

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