Instructions/Guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19 : UP Circle

Department of Posts
Office of the Chief Postmaster General
UP Circle, Lucknow 

The PMG Agra/Allahabad/Bareilly/Kanpur/Varanasi/HQ Region, LKO/Gorakhpur
The General Manager(Finance), Aliganj, LKO The SSPOs, Ghaziabad
The Superintendent, PSD, LKO
The Superintendent, RMS ‘SH’DN, Saharanpur The Manager, RLO, LKO
The Electrical/ Civil Postal Division, LKO

No:- MM/Prevention from COVID-19/2020

Dated. 19.08.2020

Subject:- Instructions/Guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19-reg

The competent authority has directed to implement the following guidelines/instructions with immediate effect in addition to guidelines/instructions issued earlier to contain the spread of Covid-19:-

1. No official should be allowed to move from one branch or section to another branch unless urgently required. Inter-branch movement should be strictly regulated so that physical contact is minimized.

2. All the officials/Officers should be instructed to avoid physical contact with one another. Communication over the phone may be preferred over physical meeting.

3. Social Distancing should be ensured in the office premises.

4. Proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of workplace, particularly of the frequently touched surfaces must be ensured. Computers, Keyboard, Mouse, Chairs and Tables should be sanitized in frequent intervals. Keyboard should be covered and same may be sanitized/replaced as per the need.

5. Group lunch should be avoided and different lunch timings may be encouraged.

6. All officials should be instructed to avoid gathering during lunch hours and at any point of time.

7. Thermal Scanning of all should be ensured at the entrance of the office premises.

8. Hand sanitization and wearing of Masks must be ensured mandatory in the office premises.

9. All unit head may be instructed to ensure regular supply of Hand sanitizer, Soap and mask.

10. Visitors should be permitted in offices only after hand sanitization and ensuring of mask for safety of all.

11.The leave sanctioning authorities may be advised to sanction leave whenever any request is made for self-quarantine or whenever any symptoms like cold, cough, fever etc. is noticed by the official.

12.All the employees are advised who are at higher risk i.e. older employees, pregnant employees and employees who have underlying medical conditions, should be advised to take extra precautions

13. Meeting, as far as feasible, should be done through video conferencing.

14. All guidelines/instructions issued on the subject by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Home Affairs, DOPT & Department of Posts should be strictly followed

Copy to:
1. All Group Officer, CO, LKO
2. The CPMG/DPS Secretariat, CO,LKO

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