Remarks on Postal Articles, Meaning and Disposal – Most Important

This Post is very important for Every Postal Employee, Here Below all Remarks on Postal Articles should be given. All are standard available in CSI. It is Good for us to remember these remarks which is used to write on postal articles. So Lets see all Remarks below.

S. No. Remarks Explanation Disposal
1 Refused Addressee refused to accept the article. Addressee is present but does not take delivery of the article on one pretext or other. Returned to sender/RLO
2 Not Known Address is located but no such
addressee lives there or not known to the locality
Kept in deposit for 7 days and nobody claims, returned to sender/RLO
3 Left India Addressee is known not to be in India and has left no instruction at the Post Office as to the redirection of his correspondence Returned to sender/RLO immediately
4 Left In all other cases where the addressee has gone away without leaving an instructions as to disposal of correspondence and no reliable information is available about his new address Kept in deposit for 7 days and if nobody claims,Returned to sender /RLO
5 Insufficient Address Address given on the articles is not complete – like Name of street, house number, locality etc are not given Returned to sender/RLO immediately
6 Unclaimed Intimation was served-but the article was not taken delivery by the addressee within the prescribed time Returned to sender/RLO immediately
7 Deceased Addressee has expired Returned to sender/RLO immediately.

Postmaster can order delivery to near relative if applied if there is no doubt or cross claim ,at his discretion.

8 Redirection Based on the addressee, instruction Redirection on the same day
9 Intimation In case of absence of the addressee and door locked Kept in deposit for 7 days

Poste Restante (C/o Postmaster) articles will be kept in deposit for 1 month except for VP articles ,and if not claimed,it will be returned to sender / RLO .

standard remarks to be given on postal articles

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