Restriction the bookings of mail in/for both Delhi and Mumbai


Restriction the bookings of mail in/for both Delhi and Mumbai

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Mail Business (Development & Operations) Division
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 001

No: 30-01/2020-D (PL2)                                                                                                                                                                   Dated: 10.06.2020


All Head of Circles

Subject: Restrictions in booking/delivery of mail for/in Delhi& Mumbai due to deteriorating COVID-19 situation – reg.

Ref.  Directorate letters no. 30-0112020-D dated 17/04/2020, 24/4/2020, 5/5/2020, 21/5/2020,03/06/2020 and D.O. from DG Postal Services dated 15/5/2020.

This has reference to Postal Directorate letter referred above issuing thereby revised mail routing arrangements as well as instructions for Circles during the period of lockdown and Unlock 1. Vide instructions dated 03/06/2020, Circles were requested to start the retail as well Bulk/BNPL bookings of both essential and non-essential articles. A list of Delivery Offices which couldn’t deliver Bulk/BNPL articles was also circulated.

2. Subsequently, COVID-19 situation in Delhi/Mumbai has been reviewed. It is observed that COVID-19 situation in both the cities has affected efficiency of service. Many of the staff engaged in processing, transmission and delivery of mail has also been affected by the disease, thereby adversely impacting the processing and transmission of mail and delivery which is giving rise to complaints.

3.  It has, therefore, been decided to restrict the bookings of mail in/for both Delhi and Mumbai. Accordingly, following changes are implemented with immediate effect in respect of booking & delivery of mail for/in Delhi and Mumbai:

  1. Non-essential articles of eCommerce companies will not be accepted for booking in Delhi & Mumbai.
  2. Post offices and Bulk/BNPL Centres in other Circles will also not accept booking of non- essential articles destined for Delhi & Mumbai from eCommerce companies,
  3. Second Class mail, particularly, Registered News Paper will not be accepted in Delhi &
  4. Other Circles will also not book Second Class mail destined for Delhi & Mumbai.

4.   The restrictions on booking of Second Class Mail and non-essential article tendered by eCommerce companies for Delhi/Mumbai will remain in effect till further orders. The e-commerce companies and publishers of Registered Newspapers may be advised accordingly.

This issued with the approval of Member (Operations).

(Vickey Kumar)
Director (Mail Operations)

Copy to:

  1. PS to Member (Operations)
  2. CGM, Parcel Directorate – for kind information.

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