Regarding Activation of End Users of IPPB – instruction


Regarding Activation of End Users of IPPB – instruction

F.No. 5-8/2019-PBI

Government of India

Ministry of Communications

Department of Posts

(PBI Division)

Sansad Marg, Dak Bhawan

New Delhi-1, Dated:05.06.2020


     All CPMGs

Subject: No Acquisition / Transactions made by End Users in last 6 months.

Respected Madam/Sir

IPPB has reported that 55000 End Users (list attached) of various Circles have not done even one Account Acquisition or Revenue Transaction in the last 6 months. These End Users may have logged in and used mobile for other activities or phone calls but they have not performed even a single business transaction.

2.  IPPB is planning to withdraw the SIM and MDM on these devices along with recall of the device as it is paying SIM cost of Rs. 100 per month per SIM and MDM charges of Rs. 58 plus taxes per month. It has requested that Circles may encourage such end users to start performing business transactions in the month June 2020. In case these End Users do not qualify on the 5 Accounts and 5 Transactions Criteria, Bank shall be stopping the SIMs and recovering the devices as on ls’ July. A similar exercise shall be done at the end of every month for the End Users who have not done any Account Acquisition or Transaction.

3.  In this regard, I have been directed to request you to kindly sensitize the non ­functioning End Users and make them aware of the action proposed by Bank. It is also requested to activate End Users and focus on specific activity so as to create both awareness and traction regarding various targets.

(Abhinav Pratap Singh)


Copy to:

CSMO, IPPB for information please.

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