POS version 4.2

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Speed Post Parcel has been introduced.When the weight exceeds 500 gms or dimensions exceeds 38cm*27cm*2cm or the article is selected as Merchandise the speed post article will be booked as speed post parcel.

PLI Policy bond booking has been introduced and one can avail this facility in “Business Services-Portal Induction-Others Induction”.

Recipient Zip could be changed while performing Others Induction under Portal Induction.

Article number validation has been limited to one day during article scan in case of Bulk Customer(like Amazon) article induction.

In Portal induction,Only same customer ID or contract ID articles can be inducted in a transaction.

Release Notes could be accessed from version details window.

On opening E-Payment service, an option for searching the biller IDs based on either biller name or biller ID is made available.

Local pincode segregation for Business Parcel from other mail services.

Booking of Parcels is allowed where volumetric weight exceed the maximum permissible weight limit .

“Franking Services” renamed to “Rebate and Refund”.

Changes in discount slabs for stamp sales.

In bulk upload templates, the “FMLisenceNo” field is updated to “FMLisenceId” for better understanding.

Bulk upload file format has been changed. So, Please use the latest and updated file for bulk booking.

Insurance is mandatory when VPP is above 1500.

Dimension and Weight limits rectified for Business Parcel.

Business parcel in Bulk booking will not be allowed without Customer addition.

Franking Machine New License is now allowed to book for offices having Facility IDs starting with EP, GP, MO and SP.

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POS version 4.2
POS version 4.2
POS version 4.2

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