Internet Explorer Setting for Finacle – 2020


Internet Explorer Setting for Finacle – 2020

It is our experience that some of the menu options of Finacle are not properly working in Windows10 OS. This is mainly due to incompatible Java version. Those options which are not working in Jre 7u21 are working in Jre 7u17

Here is an automated process to uninstall Jre 7u21 and install Jre 7u17 with required IE settings for Finacle and IPPB.
(This will not uninstall Jre8 family.)
Link to Download:


internet explorer setting for finalce
Download IESettings_SRFix_2020.exe Run this application with option Run as Administrator
This will extract the required files to : C:\IESettings_SRFix_2020

How this will work?
How to do Internet Explorer Setting for Finacle?
1.Internet options will be reset. You need to click on Reset button and Close button as required.

internet explorer setting for finalce

2.Available Java in the system will be removed (version 7 only). Sun folder from path: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\LocalLow\ will be removed.
3.Automated installation of jre-7u17 will be done.
4.IE Settings-2020 will be installed (through Brie.exe) Here, your intervention is needed.

internet explorer setting for finalce
5.This is automated process. So leave the process to be completed without closing the Cmd Window.
Once installation is completed, system will be restarted.

6.Configure Jave from Control Panel manually:

7.Important Java Control Panel Settings

a. Uncheck Check for updates Automatically.
b. Set the security level to medium

Advanced Tab:

c. Shortcut creation-never allow
d. Application installation-Never install
e. JNLP Asssociation-Never Allow
f. JRE Auto Download-Never Auto download
g. Mixed Code-Disable verification


Any left out settings or bugs may please be shared to:

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