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Instruction/ SOP for clearing pending mails in FPOs/ TMOs – COVID19

File No.22-1/2020-DA

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts


Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg

New Delhi-110 001

Dated: 17th June, 2020.


All Chief Postmaster’s General.

Subject: Instruction/ SOP for clearing pending mails in FPOs/ TMOs.


It has come to notice few foreign outward bags for some of the countries are pending since March, 2020 in some FPOs and TMOs. Major reasons for its pendency and their probable solutions are instructed below:-

Flight Connectivity

Due to Covid 19 and lock down situation, airline operations got halted and it hampered flight connectivity to other countries. At present limited flight connectivity is there through Air India Vande Bharat, Singapore Airlines etc.

Details of flight connectivity with its schedules are shared on IR whatsapp group in 3-4 days in advance. All OEs and TMOs must keep a watch over such flight schedules and also be in contact with airlines for similar information to connect pending bags to all possible countries directly from their TMOs/FPOs. If flights are directly not available from their city, then they can plan indirect connectivity through other FPOs/ TMOs by keeping that unit informed well in advance.

Countries not accepting mails

There may be instances, where destination country is not accepting any incoming mails. Please kindly share list of such countries with pending number of bags/articles with IR division so that these issues can be taken up with those countries .

Loose articles

It is also reported that some loose parcels/ ills are also lying in FPOs./ APSOs. Such articles must be properly sorted, scanned, bagged and dispatched to avoid any abstraction or damage. In case direct bag is not justified, these articles should be properly sorted and dispatched to other FPO making dispatch to that country, after consultation with that FPOs for further bagging and dispatch.

File No.22-1/2020-DA

Inbound articles

There are also reports of pending inbound articles in FPOs which may be due to delay in custom clearance or may be delayed due to other circumstances. All inward bags should be opened, sorted and dispatched to destination units on priority.

Old pending articles

Articles/ bags lying since March 2020 or early should be dispatched in priority.

This office had directed vide order dated 23rd March, 2020 to facilitate recall of articles by public. Awareness should be generated through social media and other means for consignees if they opt to recall their articled still lying in India.

It is further requested to nominate a responsible person from FPOs and TMOs to join IR whatsapp group for better co-ordination and information.

IR&GB division is examining the situation of countries for which connectivity is not likely soon and further course of action will be suggested shortly.

ADG IM-II, Ram Sikaria — 9871978955 may be contacted for the same.


Yours Sincerely

(Ram Naresh Sikaria)

Asst. Director General (IM-II)


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