DOP working Instructions regarding Unlock 1 – COVID19


DOP working Instructions regarding Unlock 1 – COVID19

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Mail Business (Development & Operations) Division
                 Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 001

                                                                                                                                           No: 30-01/2020-D                                                                                                                                                     03.06.2020


All Head of Circles

Subject:  Revised instructions — Issuance of Revised guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs for Unlock 1 — reg.

Ref. Directorate letters no. 30-01/2020-D dated 17/04/2020, 24/4/2020, 5/5/2020, 21/5/2020 and D.O. from DG Postal Services dated 15/5/2020.

This has reference to Postal Directorate letters referred above issuing thereby revised mail routing arrangements and other instructions for Circles during the period of lockdown.

2.  The Ministry of Home Affairs vide Order dated 30th May, 2020 has extended the lockdown in the country till 30th June 2020. MHA has at the same time issued guidelines for phased re­opening (Unlock 1) by providing several relaxations in the lockdown. Under the guidelines, almost all the activities have been permitted outside the Containment zone.

2.1 Further, partial passenger flight services have also resumed in the country with effect from 25th May, 2020. The operationalization of passenger flights has given more options to the Circles for transmission of Speed Post, Registered Post and First Class Mail Bags.

3.  Considering the relaxation provided by the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home  Affairs for “Unlock 1” and resumption of partial passenger flight services, revised instructions for booking of retail & Bulk/BNPL articles, processing, transmission and delivery of mail are enclosed.

4.  Circles are requested to make necessary arrangements to ensure the normal functioning of  NSH/ICH & L-1/L-2 registered and unregistered offices and booking & delivery post offices.

This issues with the approval of Member (Operations).

(Ajay Kumar Roy)
DDG (Mail Operations)

Encl: A/a

Copy to: CGM, Parcel Directorate — for kind information.

DOP working Instructions regarding Unlock 1 – COVID19 

for Booking/Processing/ Transmission/Delivery of Postal

  1. There is no restriction on booking of any type of article i.e. essential and non-essential at the Post Office counters,
  2. Counter bookings should be performed as per the normal working hours,
  3. There is no restriction on Bulk/BNPL bookings and designated bookings offices shall accept the bulk bookings of all articles without any distinctions of essential & non-essential,
  4. Notice may be displayed prominently in post offices BNPL/Bulk booking centres that the delivery of articles may be delayed due to restricted operations of flights/trains,
  5. Customers should be encouraged to book medicine/medical equipment under Speed Post services so that delivery can be expedited.
  6. Bags containing medicines/medical equipment must be labeled as “ESSENTIAL GOODS” to ensure easy identification of these bags,
  7. Franked articles shall also be accepted as per the existing guidelines.
  8. NSH/ICH and other processing hubs should be made functional in IPVS including “Set Begin” and receipt/dispatch of bags & articles in IPVS,
  9. TMO should also perform bag scans in IPVS as far as possible,
  10. Pending Speed Post mail/Registered mail in the processing hubs should be cleared on
  11. Transmission of Second Class Mail bags may be resumed with immediate effect.
  12. Processing and delivery of First Class and Second Class ordinary mail may also be expedited,
  13. The staff of Division Office/HRO/SRO may be utilized for expedious clearance of pending mail,
  14. Window Delivery may be resorted to, if the normal delivery of any articles is not possible,
  15. Delivery of articles shall be performed by all delivery post offices except those falling in Containment zones. Article received for delivery for post offices falling in Containment zone should be kept in deposit till the situation become normal.
  16. Delivery status of articles should be updated in the DPMS,
  17. Postman Mobile App (PMA) should be used in all delivery beats without getting the
    signature of addressees in PMA. Signature of the addressees, however, should be taken on the hard copy of Delivery Slips.
  18. All available flights, parcel trains and RTNs should be utilized fully to ensure the
    transmission of mail,
  19. Electronic clearance of letter boxes through the “Nanyatha” software may be ensured,
  20. Circles may also consider functioning of additional Sets in processing hubs with staggered timings, considering the social distancing guidelines.
  21. Social distancing norms issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, State Government and Local administration to prevent the spread of COVID-19 should be followed strictly in Processing hubs, TMOs and booking/delivery post offices etc.

DOP working Instructions regarding Unlock 1 – COVID19

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