DOP instructions on Cyclone Nisarg – MH Circle


Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai — 400 001




  1. The Postmaster General, Mumbai / Navi Mumbai / Goa / Mails & BD.
  2. General Manager (Finance) C.O. / The DPS(HQ) C.O.
  3. All Group Officers, Circle Office, Maharashtra

No. O& M/Misc. Instructions/Cyclone Nisarg/20-21

Date: 02.06.2020

Subject :-. Regarding Cyclone Nisarg — Deep Depression over East-Central Arabian Sea.

Ref : India Meteorological Department warning dated 02/06/2020

India Meteorological Department has been monitoring the movement of deep depression over Arabian Sea which will intensify into a Cyclonic storm Nisarga over East Central Arabian Sea during the next 24 hours. The cyclone to affect the coastal district of Maharashtra i.e. Ratnagiri, Raigad, Mumbai and Palghar during the evening night of 3rd June 2020.

You may please take all necessary steps to safeguard the property, staff and their family members from the affect of cyclone. The following board guidelines are issued :

  1. All officials of these areas must return from the field to their home or to a safe place today
    evening and stay home on 03.06.2020. All mail schedules and outdoor activities may remain suspended.
  2. The Post offices must ensure that important equipment, computers, cash important papers etc.  be kept safely. No equipments/mails to be kept/remain on floor
  3. All plugs and switches should be securely unplugged and kept off before leaving the office
  4. All windows and doors of offices should be securely shut.
  5. Customers should be advised to go to safe location.
  6. All Divisional Superintendents and Sub Divl. Officers may be in touch with their Postmaster/BPMs and ensure above.
  7. The Divisional Supdt., Postmasters in HOs and Sub Divl. Officers may be in close contact with the NDRF and local authorities for advice.
  8. Be alert and kept yourself informed through the local /Doordarshan news.
  9. All BPMs may be advised to take precautionary measures to reduce the damage to RICT Solar panels in the BOs. The BPMs should remove the solar panels wherever possible and keep these inside BOs.
  10. The postal staff may be advised to keep sufficient stock of food items and other essential items, medicines etc. The essential items like candles, matchbox, torch with dry cells, first aid box, life saving medicines i.e. ORS, Avomine, Ibuprofen etc may be kept by each staff.
  11. Cyclone control room and help desk to be set up immediately at CO, ROs and Divisional office to monitor the situation and provide all necessary assistance, guidance and help.


The details of Circle Office Control Room are as under:

Date Name & Cell no. of
Group officer
Name & Cell no. of
03.06.2020 Shri D.G.Chaskar


Shri Ulhas Mahale


06.00 am to 12.00 pm
03.06.2020 Shri R.P.Patil


Ms. Padmaja Kamat


12.00 pm to 18.00 hrs
03.06.2020 Shri S.Murugesan


Shri Hitesh Pathak


18.00 hrs to 00 hrs
04.06.2020 Shri S.S.Kulkarni


Shri Madhukar Gawan


00 hrs to 06.00 am
04.06.2020 Shri S.B.Vyavahare


Shri Yogesh Karale


06.00 am to 12.00 pm


(Santosh S. kulkarni)

Asstt. Director Postal Services(PSR),

Office of Chief Postmaster General,

Maharashtra Circle,

Mumbai — 400001

Copy to :

  1. Secretary (Posts), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi — 110001
  2. DDG(Estates&MM), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi — 110001

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