What is meaning of irj in SAP employee portal URL? and how to remember employee portal URL?

IRJ –> iView Runtime Java

The SAP NetWeaver Portal is a J2EE application that is designed to handle HTTP requests for portal components. A portal component is a Java class written and packaged specifically to run in the portal. The portal application is deployed under the URL /irj. Therefore, IRJ is the SAP Enterprise Portal running under SAP NetWeaver Java Application Server. In Simple words,

IRJ in SAPEP is a component used to execute Employee Web Portal

This is actually not needed and no use in the working environment. But, we already learnt more technical terms not related to Department of Posts like SAP, McCamish, ECMS, FTP Server, DPMS, BCP, Web Server, Message Server, ascsECP, Sify, Network – Primary Link, Secondary Link i.e NSP1 and NSP2, CEPT Finacle Server, CPC, EP-Employee Portal, ESS, MSS, General Ledger in Finacle, CSI, FSI, GL Code, FMenu, Tcode, SAP Netweaver, SAP CRP, PMA, PostInfo, CSC, Credit and Debit Entries, GL to GL Posting, Webmail, OWA and etc.,

Hence, know of IRJ is not much complicated than Credit and Debit Entry in SAP which means understanding of 40 50 entries between TCB and Daily Account.
If you remember IRJ then remembering of Employee Portal Address is very easy

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